Natural Disasters


A Piece of the Puzzle
Created by primary students, this site examines the concept of interdependence through the study of world cultures.

Global Interdependence Links
Links to the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization and related organisations.

The Environment: A Global Challenge
400 articles and 811 pages, the site covers every aspect of the environment and provides many interactive features.

World Mail
Tour through the various postal systems in the world. Ignore the login request and enter the site.

28 Billion Served
Pinpoints countries in the world that are affected by famine and hunger.
Statistics provide information on area, population, life expectancy, and infant mortality. Links to various web sites that fight against famine.

Global Gang
News, games and email contacts from around the globe created by Christian Aid. Includes teacher resources.

United Nations Youth Association of Australia
Current events, links and features.

Amnesty International Australia

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

World Health Organization
Current articles and topics related to health.

The UN Refugee Agency. Includes statistics on refugees worldwide.


World Vision
Christian relief and development organisation.


CARITAS Australia
Catholic Agency For Overseas Aid And Development.

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Information on Trade and Global Issues

Free Trade Agreements
Explanation of Australia\'s approach to agreements and information on agreements with specific countries.

Tourism Australia
Lists links to tourism destinations by state.

The Evolution of Communication
Looks at the development of verbal and non-verbal communication from prehistoric cave drawings and hieroglyphics to advanced computer and satellite based systems.

Worldwide community and provider of safe email services for children.

Uses the Internet to create a global learning community that connects students and teachers. provides tools that foster communication and collaboration.


Calling All Units
In this lesson, students explore the history of the portable cell phone as a springboard to investigating other technological innovations that significantly impact our everyday lives.

Global Interdependence Problems 2001
Students use problem solving skills to analyse problems and find a best global solution.

Can We Talk?
In this lesson, students research the history and technology of telecommunications.

Webs, Wires, Waves
Teaching Activities are being presented as a series of six units on telecommunication.

Webquest: Wandering the World
Students plan to travel to three different capital cities of the world.

Webquest: Globalization
Students assume various roles in order to investigate the causes, effects, and true essence of the process of globalization.

Webquest: Through Telecommunications
Students will conduct a variety of hands-on activities to investigate the development and role of Telecommunications and the impact it has on the social and economic development.

Yibble\'s Webquest
Teaches students about farm practices and the relationships between producers and both local and global consumers.

Webquest: Telecommunications Through the Ages
Each student will research the history of telecommunications to form a timeline of the inventions that have led to the communication technology that we have today. May be adapted for primary.

Teacher Reference

Australian Bureau of Statistics: Australia Now!OpenView
Regularly updated statistical profile of Australia.

International Merchandise Trade, Australia  etc
Links to information and tables related to imports and exports to Australia in 2002

Australia\'s Trade in Crude Petroleum
This article examines Australia\'s trade in crude petroleum over the past decade.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation is the premier forum for facilitating economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region.

Global Gateway
Links, databases and resources on world cultures, history and international research.

Australian Volunteer Search
Links to volunteer organisations and information on volunteering.

By Request: Natural Disasters

Australian Severe Weather Association
Information on fire, floods, droughts, cyclones and thunderstorms.

Destructive Power of Nature
Looks at earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, volcanoes, and more.

Natural Disasters - Without Warning
Facts about twisters, earthquakes, and volcanoes.

Natural Disasters Project
Information on various types of natural disasters.

Earth Observatory Natural Hazards
Earth scientists around the world use NASA satellite imagery to better understand the causes and effects of natural hazards.

NOVA Online - Avalanche
Scientists on a quest to find out how snow can sometimes strike with the force of TNT take NOVA\'s cameras inside an avalanche to unlock its deadly secrets.

Beneath the surface of the earth, tremendous forces are at work, pushing andpulling against the crust.

Nova: Disasters
Information on fire, flood and global weather disasters.

Savage Earth
Information on earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis.

Information and pictures of hail and hail storms.

Wind storms, Gust Fronts & Outflow
Information and pictures about wind storms.

Trinity Library: Cyclones, Hurricanes and Severe Storms  etc
Links to information on severe weather.



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