This theme is Global Environments: Rainforests - Features of rainforests, rainforest protection, maintaining and managing rainforests, rainforest distribution, human impact on rainforests.
Rainforest-Australia http://rainforest-australia.com/
Wide range of information on rainforest levels and species.
NSW National Parks - Rainforests http://search.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/   etc.
Links to New South Wales National Parks that contain Rainforests.
Queensland National Parks http://www.env.qld.gov.au/environment/park/ National Parks of Queensland
Wet Tropics North Queensland http://www.wettropics.gov.au/ Aboriginal heritage, plants and animals and maps of the Daintree and other World Heritage areas.
Manu - Peru\'s Living Rainforest http://www.pbs.org/edens/manu/flora.htm Fauna and flora of this unique rainforest.
Lamington National Park http://lamington.nrsm.uq.edu.au/mainmenu.html Information on special features of this rainforest.
The Tropical Rain Forest http://www.cgps.org/cgslab/rainforest.html Information on rainforest species.

Children's Tropical Forests http://ds.dial.pipex.com/ctf/facts/environ.htm Fact sheets on rainforests.

The Great Bear Rainforest http://www.nrdc.org/land/forests/gb/gbinx.asp On Canada's Pacific coast, between the northern tip of Vancouver Island and the Alaska border, lies one of the Earth's largest remaining tracts of temperate rainforest.

Orang-utans: Just Hangin' On http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/orangutans/ Travel into the Asian rainforest to learn about orang-utans and what is being done to save them.


Forest Link Page http://www.rainforestinfo.org.au/children/chlinks.htm Rainforest information pages and school projects.

Rainforest Alliance http://www.rainforest-alliance.org/index.html International non-profit organization dedicated rainforest conservation.

All About Rainforests http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/rainforest/ Information on understanding rainforests for kids.

Australia\'s World Heritage - location map http://www.ea.gov.au/heritage/awh/worldheritage/index.html There are fifteen Australian properties on the World Heritage List. Several are rainforests.

Rainforest Information http://www.rainforesteducation.com/ Multimedia rainforest experience with puzzles, projects, and games.

Rainforest Action Network http://www.ran.org/ Current information on worldwide rainforest issues.

Rainforest Action Network http://www.ran.org/kids_action/index.html Videos, fact sheets, indigenous peoples information and conservation suggestions.

Rainforests of the World http://mbgnet.mobot.org/sets/rforest/main.htm Information on types of rainforests and where they are located.

Passport to Rainforests http://passporttoknowledge.com/rainforest/main.html What are rainforests, and why are they found where they are?

Maps and graphics set rainforests in a planetary perspective. National Geographic: Amazonia http://www.nationalgeographic.com/wildworld/amazon/index.html Nestled in the southwestern reaches of the Amazon River Basin, this ecoregion is home to colorful birds, stealthy cats, and the slowest mammal on the planet.

Journey Into Amazonia http://www.pbs.org/journeyintoamazonia/ Extensive site on all aspects of the Amazon Rainforest. Amazonia Fun Quest http://www.amazoniafunquest.org/ A place to learn about the Amazon rain forest, its people and the plants and animals that live there.

Amazon Life http://library.thinkquest.org/20248/inicio.html Some general information about the Amazon Rainforest, with maps and statistics, impacts in the Amazonian environment and opportunity for students to suggest solutions.

Rainforest Sounds http://www.christiananswers.net/kids/sounds.html Rainforest sounds in in streaming audio Windows Media Player format.

Rainforests Live http://www.rainforestlive.org.uk/index.cfm Have a look through the facts and figures on tropical rainforests, search out the word you would like the meaning of in the glossary, take up this month\'s challenge or have a look through our picture gallery.


The Fate of the Rainforests http://www.spa3.k12.sc.us/WebQuests/Rainforests/index.htm#Questions Webquest where students take on the role of loggers, natives and environmentalists.

Exploring the RainForest Unit http://www.lessonplanspage.com/RainForestUnitA.htm Integrated unit of work on Rainforests.

Kori Clot - The Amazon http://www.educ.wsu.edu/esl/Amazon.html Lessons based on \"Amazon Basin\" by Jan Reynolds: A story of a young boy who lives in the Amazon basin among other Yonamama tribe members.

Collaborative Thematic Unit http://www.libsci.sc.edu/miller/Rainfor.htm Through the use of literature and related activities, students will expand their knowledge of rain forests and planet ecology.

The Greatest Rainforest Activities, Ever http://www.amphi.com/~tlcf/campos/web2/dctgrf.html Students compare different levels of the rainforest, examine the different animals and plants that live within the rainforest and recognize the vocabulary correlating to the rainforests.

Rain Forest Reporters http://www.thirteen.org/edonline/lessons/rainforest/ Students work as magazine reporters to produce a print or multimedia magazine about rain forests.

Rainforest Endangered Species Project http://sun2.lib.uci.edu/SEP/CTS/Rforest.html Students will utilize the internet to research a rainforest endangered species animal. They will prepare a formal research paper, a three dimensional model of their animal and an oral presentation which may include a hyperstudio presentation or be videotaped.

Webquest: Animals of the Tropical Rain Forest http://www.plainfield.k12.in.us/hschool/webq/webq3/rain.htm Your group will be scientists from the Indianapolis Zoo and go to one of the large rainforests in South America, Africa, or Southeast Asia. Pick 5 birds, mammals, amphibians, or insects to learn more about.

Rain Bird Rain Forest Curriculum http://www.rainbird.com/rainforest/ Using this site, you can access activities and demonstrations to use in your classroom for teaching scientific aspects of the Earth\'s endangered rain forests.

Webquest: Australian Rainforests http://www.cap.nsw.edu.au/bb_site_intro/stage3_Modules/rainforest_module/ students provide evidence which will help support the government\'s decision to implement laws to protect large areas of rainforests.

Hotlist of Rainforest Activities http://www.web-and-flow.com/members/jcarr/forest/hotlist.htm This is a hotlist of a variety of worthy Rainforest Internet activities gathered from Filamentality and other places.

Webquest: Rainforest Discovery http://www.windarooss.qld.edu.au/Main_Pages/Rainforest_Webquest/welcome.htm Students consider the question, \"How is your future and the future of those you care about dependent on rainforests?\" Also looks at the varieties of rainforests worldwide.

Webquest: Virtual Field Trips http://rite.ed.qut.edu.au/oz-teachernet/projects/virtual-field-trips/rainforests/quests.html In this WebQuest, you will travel to many rainforests, some very new and some very old. You will explore the location, culture and lifestyle of the people, plant life, animal life, climate, and environment.

Webquest: Crashed In A Rainforest http://www.cap.nsw.edu.au/bb_site_intro/secondary_modules/rainforests/rainforests.htm You have planned your holiday to one of the World\'s rainforest.You decided to fly there and unfortunately your plane has crashed. Everyone else has died and you are now all alone and the rescue party won\'t reach you for five days.

Webquest: Me? Live in a Rainforest? http://www.memphis-schools.k12.tn.us/admin/tlapages/tropical_rain.htm Students work as a team to answer questions and present their report using HyperStudio or PowerPoint, or a webpage.

Rainforests, A Wet and Wild Adventure: Mystery Photos http://www.jasonproject.org/jason10/peru/broadcast/mystery/index.html Test your rainforest knowledge and your visual acuity in this mystery photo activity from the JASON Project's Jason X.

The Rainforest, Raw Materials, and You http://www.pbs.org/journeyintoamazonia/teacher_raw.html Students identify products made with materials that originate in the world\'s rainforests.

Broom Forest: A Tall Trees Simulation http://www.pbs.org/journeyintoamazonia/teacher_broom.html Students learn about how the environmental factors of an area affect a species\'s characteristics over time. The shallow, nutrient-poor nature of the soil in the Amazon basin is the setting.

Online Adventure - Congo Trek http://magma.nationalgeographic.com/ngexplorer/0109/adventures/ Presentation about a Congo Trek that features text, images, audio, and video from the jungle. Students and teachers can print out a \"scavenger hunt\".

Teacher Reference

Rainforest Weblinks http://members.ozemail.com.au/~slacey/rainforests.htm Range of links for Australian Rainforests.

Rainforest Links http://www.whitsunday.net.au/schools/css/rainforest_links.htm Links to the best pages we found on Rainforests

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