Author Research

Writer 1

Mem Fox

Her own website here

Check her biography and see if you can find out 3 facts about her life. [ go to her "Profile"]
       ~ in which country was she born?
       ~ she says that her writing is her second love. Which is her first love? [second last paragraph]

Go to "Loves and Loathings"
       ~ go to here find out some things she loves and things she loathes [ hates]

Can you find here the names of two things Mem Fox has recipes for? What are they?

Where does Mem Fox live in Adelaide? Near the hills or near the beach. The family picture give you a clue!

Check to see if you can see Mem Fox's other books.
  Can you name 3?


Latest book "Hello Baby" a 32 page book written over Christmas this year!


Writer 2

Andy Griffiths

His own website here
However, this site from the ABC is easier to read!

Check his biography and see if you can find out some facts about his life. [ click here]
       ~ in which city does he now live as well as born?
       ~ what were two of his jobs before he became a writer?.

Who was his favourite writer when he was 10 or 11?
       ~ her name begins with an "E"

He always tells kids that they can ...................................... in a story, anything's possible.

His favourite "dog" in "S---y"


Check to see if you can see Andy's other books. They are listed on his web site here.

This is his next book and it is called............................... and is here.



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