Book Week 2005

Theme:- Reading Rocks!

My Lesson Plan for Yr 1/5- a choice between these activities.
Dress up a "Pet" rock in KidPix - Draw rock shape and decorate
Make a poster about "Refugees"
Draw "Mutt Dog"
Make a "Travel Brochure".
Make a post card from "Crabby Spit".
Draw Noah's Ark
- use the template from Mr Noah and the Cats doc.
Cave Painting Activity By Jackie Miers
Backgrounds are available to copy and paste -then, "Use the Drawing, Painting and other tools to create a cave painting of animals that tells a story."
Also, an excellent resource on
All of Jackie's resources on
Bookweek (August 20-26)
This site's Rocks and Mineral pages and Fossil page have been updated.

Rocks and minerals
Stone Age cave painting activity
ALIA Children's and Youth Services (NSW) -The 2005 Pre-Bookweek Extravaganza drew together a diverse group of people with lots of great ideas for using the books that have been shortlisted for this year's Children's Book of the Year awards.
Children's Book Council of Australia - a list of themes 1945 - 2005
Short List
WebQuest - Famous Rocks
Approaches to the topic
1. Are we there yet? 131KB  Make a "Travel Brochure". or a post card from "Crabby Spit".
2.  Mr Noah and the Cats 221KB  Mr Noah and the Cats has quite a nice selection of printable resources
3. Mutt Dog 128KB
4. Refugees 2 MB  - Has a maze at the end. Good ideas for the theme.
5. Silver Donkey 224KB For Upper Primary. A maze, word search, and quiz at the end
Quite a few Links
Edna  A list of links. Excellent!
Also Reading Rocks

Aveen Beedles [for Teachers] - Click here for a printable worksheet to use  with "Web Page Created by  2005 " The answers are at

Simple Jigsaw of the title pages from
 Lizzie Nonsense | Mutt Dog | Are We There Yet? | Refugees
Display Ideas
An Internet "Sampler" - for older kids
All about Rocks - including "Rockers".
Resource for 2005
{NB Links in table do not work. Go down manually.} Shows the Covers of the books.
August 2005


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