Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Make a choose-your-own adventure using Powerpoint.
You MUST use the "Active Buttons"
Assessment format will probably be a "Rubric"


What is the story of Cinderella about.
What happened when Cinderella went to the ball?
What may have happened if Cinderella had not gone to the ball?

Consider possible endings if Cinderella had not gone to the ball.

Step 1

You should read a story to see how some "Choose Your Own Stories" are set out.
An example is here!

Another easy example here
! Theodore Tugboat

Adventure stories using the choose-your-own method

Step 2

These are some examples of topics / story ideas. Look them over and choose one .
Or you can make up your own topic.
The Characters :-
Lots Of Ideas :

Step 3

Write your BRIEF draft of your story.
Think about the story and how you are going to have different paths.

Step 4

The First Draft - in "Inspiration"

Check out this flow chart at Interactive Story Map.
[Warning - slow to load and needs pdf format]

Write Your Story. Make it into Story Board, designed in "Inspiration".

It needs to be a flow chart showing your story's development.

Step 5

To complete this task, you have to make an interactive story using the choose-your-own- path method. To do this you need to be use Powerpoint.
On each story page you must use active buttons so your readers can make their path choices.


If You like this concept, add your own work to the neverending story here.


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