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Cinderella's Castle at Disney


An annotated version


KWL Ideas
Mind Map
Fairytales mind_map


Fairy Tales

Fairy Tale WebQuest




Yr 5/6


Edtech Fairytales

Edtech Cinderella

Look at the table of the fairytales and answer the following questions.

1. Who are the main good guy types in the fairy tales?

2. Who are the main bad guy types in the fairy tales?

3. Are there more good guys or bad guys?

4. Are there more female good guys than male good guys?

5. Are there more female bad guys than male bad guys?

6. Do the fairy tales that you know have a happy ending?

7. Do the fairy tales have a moral to the story?

8. Do the fairy tales tell you about a specific time in history? If so explain.

9. Do the fairy tales tell you about a specific country and its culture? If so explain.

10. What do you think are the purpose of fairy tales?

11. What is your favourite fairy tale? Why?


Lesson Idea and Outline

Students are to write a Fairytale using randomly selected elements, one of each, from: Setting, Hero/Heroine, Problem, Villain, Helpers/friends, Ending. Provides for optional presentation modes based on skill level/grade of students.


Cinderella and Bloom's Taxonomy

  • Name the main characters in the story.
  • Tell what happened when the prince came to Cinderella's house in search of the maiden who would fit the shoe.
  • Draw a picture of the gown Cinderella wore to the ball.
  • Why do you think Cinderella's step-sisters and step-mother treated her as they did?
  • How would the story have ended if the slipper had fit one of Cinderella's step-sisters?
      • Would you have liked to have had Cinderella for a sister?  Explain why or why not.

The Elements of a Fairy Tale.
Onlineprojects Fairytales
What is it that makes a story a fairy tale?  With Links! Great!


Lots of classroom activities


Click on the Cinderella Characters to describe their characteristics
Malvinsclose Cinderella


Shared Writing: Retell the story of Cinderella from the slipper's point of view.
Students discuss and brainstorm what Cinderella and Humpty Dumpty might say if they met. Write in Speech Bubbles.


Unitecnology Cinderella


Who needs a fairy Godmother anyway - WebQuest webquests cinderella


Colouring Pages
Coloring ws Cinderella


Clip Art


Cinderella Quiz


Memory Game - Shoes
Cinderella Shoematch


Interesting Tasks
Kirkwood Resources Cinderella


Cinderella Stories
Dkbrown Cinderella.html


Lesson Plans


Lots of links
Rblewis WebQuests cinderella


Use the words to make a scrabble word game grid


Clock ideas and others
Penguinreaders   Excellent PDF ideas.

Activity 1. Read and match. First, revise telling the time. Then read the captions. Encourage the pupils to recall the times used in the story. When they have matched the times to the captions, they can draw pictures for each.
Activity 2. Label the picture using the words in the box.
Activity 3. Pupils have to complete the invitation as though they were having a party, perhaps their birthday party or a class party of even a ‘Cinderella’ party. You may need to pre-teach ‘start/finish’ so that they can complete the invitation. You will also need to discuss what it means by ‘clothes’ and ‘what to bring’. These could include swimming clothes if it is a swimming party or fancy dress etc. Copy a range of these and have a display of them in the class.
Activity 4. Drawing some designs for ‘Ball’ clothes. In this activity pupils will design some clothes, or perhaps just clothes for themselves, to wear at a Ball/Dance. You can vote for the best design in the class and let that student be ‘designer of the week/class’.


Cinderella WebQuest Yr 6
Wneo Org The_Cinderella_Project


The Cinderella Project from EPals

Activity #1

Cinderella Questionnaire: Share what you know about the story of Cinderella with your email partner or classroom partners by completing the questionnaire below. When you are finished, email this back to your partner. Add your own questions if you like.

What I know about Cinderella
Name: _______________________ Date: _______________
Age: _______________ Grade: ______________
School: _____________________ Country: _______________

Question Your Answer Your Partner's Answer
1. Have you ever heard of the story of Cinderella?
2. Have you ever read this story?
3. Has anyone ever told you this story?
4. Have you ever seen a movie or cartoon of Cinderella?
5. How would you describe Cinderella's life?
6. Does Cinderella have a different name in your country?
7. What is your opinion of the story?

Activity #2

Cinderella Synopsis: Write a paragraph or two that describes the similarities and differences that you have found between your version and your partner's version of the story. Use the Cinderella Chart below to help you organize your information.

Cinderella Chart
Question Your Answer Your Partner's Answer
Story Name
Name of Main Character
Family Members
Impossible jobs that she had to do
Magic in story
Animals that helped Cinderella:
How she proved who she really was
Who she loved
What happened to evil characters
How the story ended

Activity #3

Cinderella's Chores: Imagine that Cinderella lived in your community and that she had to do chores around the house. Try to think of your every - day chores that are relevant to where you live. Send a list of Cinderella's chores to your partner so that you can compare the different kinds of work done in countries around the world.

To help get you started, consider the following questions. What kind of jobs would she have to do? What kind of foods would she have to cook? Where would she have to go to run errands? For example: If Cinderella were in Canada, she would have to rake leaves. If Cinderella were in Israel, she would have to dust all of the time because of the sand storms that blow in from Africa.

Activity #4

The Cinderella Challenge: We would like both classes to come up with a series of questions for each other that quiz them on the details of the story of Cinderella. Think about as many details as you can, keeping in mind that you want to try to stump your partner! Send your partner class 5-8 trivia questions. See how many answers each class gets right. Check out our resource section for this project for an online Cinderella Trivia Quiz!

Activity #5

Cinderella Rewritten: You are going to write a new version of Cinderella that combines both your culture and your partner's culture. Each class will write one section of the story. Teachers can also divide their classes into email partners at this point. Part One, which will describe the setting and Cinderella's difficult life, will be written by partner A. Part Two, which will tell the story of the magic, the ball and the final outcome or conclusion, will be written by partner B. Try to include both cultures, from what you have learned about each other, in your version of the story.

Activity #6

Cinderella Around the World: Both partners or classes will search the Internet for Cinderella resources and make a list of Cinderella stories around the world, marking on a map the name of the story in each country that you find. Students can draw a world map and indicate the countries on the drawing, or teachers can provide them with a copy of a world map where they can indicate where these stories come from. Decide as a group how to speed up your internet search by coming up with specific keywords that will get you the information you need.

Activity #7

Cinderella Collages: Use your internet skills, and specific keywords, to search for Cinderella pictures and or images connected to the theme of Cinderella. Edit these images by copying and pasting them into a word processor program or email. Write captions for the graphics that you have found and send them to your email partner. By collaborating on the collection of images, and printing them up in colour, each class can create beautiful Cinderella collages. As another fun idea, partner A can draw pictures, and partner B can write the caption.

Students could also create comic strips with the images that they find and write in captions for each other, to tell a different story with different themes than the traditional themes in Cinderella. This is where teachers and students could start to talk about humour!


An excellent theme from the N.Y. City Opera for Upper Primary
Cinderella nycopera


Kennesaw - Always fantastic. Links
Webtech kennesaw


Make a Diary belonging to Cinderella. Write down the events around the few days described in the story.


A WebQuest like study of Cinderella for Primary kids


Write a report card on each of the characters by looking at their behaviour


A task to highlight the main characters

The Brothers Grimm's Cinderella



Main Character



father, cruel step-mother, two wicked step-sisters

Main Character's Wish

to go to the ball

Impossible Tasks

pick out lentils from ashes

How She Attains Wish

birds do as Cinderella bids, magic bird (spirit of her mother?) gives her gowns and slippers

Where They Meet

3-day festival


birds who help Cinderella

Proof of Identity

the golden slipper fits


birds help Cinderella & speak to the Prince

Important Person


What Happens to Evil Characters

step-sisters are blinded by birds (plus they ALREADY cut off part of their feet, so they have to live with that, too!)


Make a rebus story.
Hints at  Storygames


Design using KidPix and then make a paper mask suitable for the ball.


Picture sequence
What are the main events in the story
Everyone make a picture of these.
Join them together to make the story.


Make a Postcard
Unitecnology Postcards discusses in detail what is needed.


Design Cinderella's Dress



Example 1

Using the first letter of Cinderella


Our class also learned how to write what we call "The Do and Don't Poems." First, we brainstormed what we learned about Cinderellas - Princess' from the stories we have read so far. Then, we separated the list into do and don't columns. Then we put our ideas together. Take a look at our Cinderella - Princess Poem!


Vocabulary Unscramble, Crossword and Story Sequence, Comprehension and Writing Activity [Printable]


Castle to Colour or use as a shape book


Cinderella Story Sequence


A huge guide to Cinderella of 77 PDF pages. 


Sites for the students to read other stories


Lots of Cinderella stories from different countries


Kidpix 1


Castles on the Web
Make a Castle - templates to print
Make a castle - templates to print


Send an email to Cinderella.


Compare Cinderella Story to another Fairy Tale  - find what is in both tales.   Ferraro


Describe Cinderella


Set Cinderella in your town


Open Inspiration - Template Literary Web (File - Open Template - Language Arts - Literary Web). Use the template to fill in the components of the story: Character, Setting, Conflict, Themes.


Cinderella Folk Tales: Variations in Character 

This lesson plan compares the main characteristics of the heroine in several versions of the Cinderella tale to help students understand connections between a story’s main character and the plot’s outcome.

Cinderella Folk Tales: Variations in Plot and Setting 

This lesson plan compares the plot and setting characteristics of several versions of the Cinderella tale to teach students about universal and culturally specific literary elements.

Another version of Cinderella


A story topic.
The wicked step-sisters miss out on the Prince. What happens to them?

Cinderella Rap
Lots of ideas for the teaching of Cinderella
Cinderella Jokes
Why was Cinderella thrown off the team?
ANSWER She ran away from the ball.


Your project will be scored using the following:

Did you include everything on your final copy to the publisher?

Title done using word art!! =! 5 points

Setting including time and place = 5

Characters--name and role in story = 10

Shoe description in sentence form = 5 points

Ending in sentence form = 5 points

Clipart appropriate to your story = 5 points

Digital picture of shoe =! 5 points

Completed shoe drawn picture by yourself. = 5 points

Completed combination drawn shoe by you and your partner. = 5 points

How well you worked with your partner.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = 0-10

points to be given by the teacher!

and 0-10 points to be given by the partner!

Final product grade: This will total the final 25 points to be discussed with

the teacher and the students to evaluate the final product for neatness and



Now that you have completed your assignment, you may take a vacation and

visit the following places.!

Create a castle

Create a face

Find a fractured Cinderella story

Shoe matching game

Ask the teacher if you can use the digital camera to take more pictures. Be ready to explain what you will be taking pictures of.


Lots of pictures


Fun Sites
For older kids who like Hillary Duff and can read well
Colouring Pages
Dressups to print and add to the picture of Cinderella
Jigsaws - link to Jigzone  
Colouring Pages - to print
Colouring Pages - to print
Online colouring
Cinderella Game - matching pictures and sentences
A fun maze game where you look for Cinderella who's been kidnapped

Cinderella - an integrated thematic unit

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