Cinderella WebQuest

Who Needs a Fairy Godmother, Anyway?
A Cinderella WebQuest for grades 1-2
by Karen Anderson and Rhonda Byers

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Almost everyone knows the story of Cinderella and how her Fairy Godmother helped her get to the ball, meet the Prince, and live happily ever after. But we know that Fairy Godmothers are make-believe. Your quest is to help Cinderella figure out how to get to the ball without depending on magic.

The Task
You will work in a group with two or three other people. Working together cooperatively, you will help Cinderella get to the ball by:

working math problems to buy her ticket

deciding what Cinderella will wear to the dance

finding a way to get Cinderella from her house to the castle

When you have finished, you will make a new version of the story and share it with the class.

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Read or listen to the story of Cinderella at one of these sites:

Print Resources
There are many books with the story of Cinderella. Your teacher or librarian can help you find one. Here is a list of some:
Cinderella, adapted from Perrault's Cendrillon by John Fowles; illustrated by Sheilah Beckett. Little Brown, 1974.

Cinderella, or, The Little Glass Slipper,a free translation from the French of Charles Perrault, illustrated by Marcia Brown. Scribner, 1954 (Caldecott medal winner)

Cinderella, illustrated by Paul Galdone. McGraw-Hill, 1978.

Cinderella, retold from The Brothers Grimm and illustrated by Nonny Hogrogian. Greenwillow Books, 1981.

Cinderella, retold by Amy Ehrlich; illustrated by Susan Jeffers. Dial Books for Young Readers, 1985. (From the Charles Perrault version)

Cinderella, illustrated by Roberto Innocenti. Creative Education, 1983. (From the Charles Perrault version; illustrations set in the 1920's)

Cinderella, by Barbara Karlin; illustrated by James Marshall. Little Brown, 1989.

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You may work as a group to do the following:

1. Print the Stepmother Math page and work the problems.
Stepmother's Math Page

You have agreed to pay Cinderella for doing some chores so that she can earn enough money for her ticket to the ball. Print off these pages, then fill in the answers to the problems.

1. Cinderella will get 15 cents for washing the dishes. Put Xs on enough coins to make 15 cents.

2. Each time Cinderella sets the table, she gets a nickel. How much money will she earn for setting the table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?____________________

3. How much money is here? ________________

4. How much money is here? ________________

5. Put Xs on enough coins to make 27 cents.

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2. Draw a map from Cinderella's house to the castle. You may use a drawing program on the computer or paper, pencils, and crayons.

3. Decide how Cinderella will travel to the palace. Write about or draw her transportation.

4. Design a dress for Cinderella to wear. You may use a drawing program on the computer or paper, pencils, and crayons. If you want a fun way to do her hair and make-up, click on the wand.

5. Put everything together to make your new version of the story. You can make a HyperStudio or PowerPoint presentation, perform a skit, or make a picture book.

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Print out the chart on the student evaluation page, then fill it out and give it to the teacher. The teacher will fill out a chart on how well you did the following:

made good use of time



final project

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If you had fun with this project, you may want to read some other stories like Cinderella. There are many versions--some from other countries and some funny ones with surprise endings! For a list of some, click on the picture.

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Practice adding and subtracting.

Design your own castle.

Practice grouping in math.


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