Inspiration Assessment Rubric

Names:________________________    and:_________________________

Item Assessed 0 1 2 Total
Inspiration activity activity missing or underdeveloped educational activity adequately developed activity is superior, engaging, well developed, with planned viewer interactivity evident
presentation of information / detail far too much/little information / detail just too much or too little information / detail perfect amount of detail
images, icons
less than 5 images/icons or images do not fit the assignment, 5 or more images/icons that directly compliment the learning assignment broad range of images and icons that relate directly to the education activity and are part of the overall page design
design of presentation overall design not evident generic background design present consistent background, font and size, image position, image size


Did not follow instructions. Argued with partner. Disruptive.

Followed instructions, quiet, good partner co-operation.


Overall Score:  ____ points
Other comments:


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