Literacy Block

Literacy Block Activities and Management.

A Balanced Literacy Program Ideas for Literacy Block Activities.

Literacy Centres: Kindergarten Collection of literacy centre activities for Kinder.

Kinder Literacy Centres Collection of links to ideas for Kinder Literacy Centres.

The CSI Literacy Framework: Grade 1 Ideas for a Literacy Block in Grade 1.

1st Grade Literacy Centres These seven centres are literacy based including skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Literacy Centres Ideas for Literacy Centres.

Star Literacy Centres Collection of lessons plans for the literacy centres.

Literacy Centre Activities Literacy Centre ideas for infants.

Organizing and Managing a Literacy Centre Describes how to manage Literacy Centres in the classroom.

Literacy Block Plan for a primary literacy block.

Structuring the Literacy Block Teacher describes how she structures her literacy block for her Grade 3/4 class and outlines her classroom routines in reading, writing and spelling.

Learning Centres Using MS Word How to create a Learning Centre activity to be used in our Literacy Block using Microsoft Word.

Fun Online Activities Activities for use in a Literacy Block.

Online Literacy Activities List of links to sites for online literacy activities.

Learning Centres Various links about centres and printable centres that you may use in your classroom.

Centers Large collection of links to Learning Centre Ideas.

Moneyopolis Game Maths game about managing your money.

How Centropolis FX Creates Visual Effects The only way to create these scenes is through an amazing set of tools and technologies that let imaginary places look real.

Literacy Hour Ideas

Guided Reading within the Literacy Hour
This article discusses the purposes and benefits of guided reading, and offers a structure for guided reading sessions to improve the quality of both teaching and learning reading.

Literacy Hour
Ideas for shared, guided and independent reading within the daily literacy hour.

Literacy Hour Explained
Explains how the literacy hour is commonly organised in schools.


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