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Roald Dahl
You will also find units of work using Roald Dahl texts on the Primary Programs Plus site.
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E. B. White
Charlotte's Web
Teacher Resource File

There's a few links at this site, just scroll down a bit:


Gillian Rubenstein
On translation

Includes pages to say hello etc im many languages


 English Language

Australian language

Australian Sign Language

Timeless Tales in the Happening in your Classroom table > schoolbag (from the menu below the main graphic)
Fables - 0n - Line

There is also this modern version of the Little Red Hen

This site called A Rhyme & A Reason
seems to have historical references, and reasons behind the creation of fables and nursery rhymes.
It looks to be an excellent resource.
Literature Studies
This Wonderful Site is in WA.
Scavenger Hunts
Book Adventure
Literacy Units
The 100 - 6 318 Words Most Used In The English Language
The Extended Ayres List
Australian Words [half way down]

Young Sceptics Theme, Activities

Refers To Scepticism re Fantasy Novels like Harry Potter, Hobbits etc
Looks At Imaginary Places And People
Author Searches
Some Excellent Activities

Activities With Words


Online Books [Vast numbers of them]
http://www.classicreader.c om
Comprehension Activity english/reading/04_act.shtml
  Create  Poetry
WebQuest On  Newspapers default.html

World Newspapers
Different Types Of Language  Themes
Spelling advice about tackling problems
* a series of exercises, each comprising a complete lesson designed to improve spelling skills
Ideas For Using Fables
U Prim - Sec.
You could try looking at the theme of self sacrifice in fairy tales and find examples of present day people 
who work for the greater good of others.  You can also look at who is smarter in fairy tales men or women and contrast this with modern television sitcoms.
In the spirit of the next Star Wars movie - debate if the original "A NewHope" is indeed a fairy tale. List the reoccurring themes and then generate your own tale eg,  evil stepmother, vanity/beauty, 3 wishes, magic spells, witches, retribution/vengeance, dumb luck or my  favourite -  chaos theory.  Isn't it amazing how the 
right person is always in the right place at the right time.... 
You could have a class discussion of what "happily ever after really means".  
Another interesting thing is to have a list of all the references to fairy tales in our daily lives and in our 
vicarious life in the media.
Contrast versions of the same tale i.e.. Cinderella-Perroult's original, Disney and "ever after".
The beauty of using fairy tales is that there are very long ones and very short ones and therefore; one for 
everyone.  In different books there are some great examples of beautiful, descriptive language and some 
simple language - Snow White is the best example in the opening lines as they describe her sewing.

I love them.  Enjoy the unit and I hope the students 
do as well.
Pam Wilson
Maclean High
Literacy and Word Usage

Alphabetical Order
Compound words
Consonant clusters
Irregular words
Letters and their sounds
Spelling strategies
Sight vocabulary
Silent Letters
Spelling patterns and rules
Synonyms (including using a Thesaurus)
Vocabulary extension
Vowel / Consonant
Vowel phonemes (air, or, er, oo, oa)
Word banks
Word manipulation

Lots Of “English” Activities


Speech, Spelling and Reading Help 5 - 7
Activities to give children help with speech, spelling and reading.

 Sequencing Activity  7 - 11 -  Children have to put a jumbled poem into the correct order by reading carefully (worksheets provided) 

Feeling Words 5 - 7  Use clay to help children to feel the shapes of words they are learning.

Goldilocks  Sequencing 7 - 11  A sequencing activity, based on the well-known story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Rewarding Reading 5 - 11
Encourage your children to read more, using this brilliant incentive scheme.

Alphabetical Order 7 - 11 PDF containing five lists of Tudor words which children should put into alphabetical order.

Olympic Poem 5 - 11
A poem based on the Olympics which you can read to your children. Contributed by Victoria Scale-Constantinou.

Appraising Information Books 7 - 11 A set of questions (in PDF) which encourage children to appraise Tudor information books.

Little Wolf Activities 5 - 11 Lots of activities based on the book, Little Wolf's Book of Badness.

Newspaper Activities  7 - 11 A number of activities using newspapers.

Prediction  5 - 11 Activities to encourage your children to predict when reading and listening to stories. 

Critical Literacy 7 - 11 A complete set of resources to encourage children to think critically about literacy.

Skimming and Scanning  5 - 11 Fun activities encouraging children to search for specific letter groups. 

A Dictionary Game
Speaking And Listening Activities

Character Acting
 5 - 11
 A great way of encouraging children to think more about characters in stories. 
Speaking Non-Sense 7 - 11 Let children practice their public speaking in the privacy of their own classroom.

Film Making
5 - 11
 A wonderful way for children to work together in a wide variety of subjects. 
Now Who's the Teacher? 7 - 11 A fun way of reinforcing what children have learnt throughout the week.

Careers Night
5 - 11
 Organize a "What Should I Be When I Grow Up" career night for your class, involving the children and their parents. 

Interviews  7 - 11 
A number of ideas for how to organize interviewing in the classroom.

Magic Pen
(Found on Time-Fillers pages) 5 - 11 
Useful time-filler activity in which the class creates a story together. 

Development Meeting
(Found on Geography pages) 7 - 11 
Hold a meeting in your classroom to discuss whether to build a shopping centre in the local area. Links with Geography.

Describing Pictures
(Found on Time-Fillers pages) 5 - 11 
A very fun activity which increases describing (and listening) skills. 

Why do you Like it? 7 - 11 
An enjoyable way of encouraging children to support their own opinions.


Beatrice Potter =32237825
A Visual Thesaurus [A WOW Site] 
A site for young adults to help with current affairs
Reading Activities / Writing Activities

Writing - Types of Writing

Riddles 5 - 11
Teach your children about riddles when they are familiar with rhyming. Includes a worksheet, example riddles and extension ideas.

Making Teacher Angry 7 - 11
A wonderful idea for a poem involving ways to make teachers angry!

Genre Net 5 - 11
A large section of this site explaining how to teach children about different genre, while using computers (and particularly the Internet).

Registration 7 - 11
Create a modern version of the 'Registration' poem by Allan Ahlberg.

Kids on the Net 5 - 11
Encourage your class to write, by publishing their work on the excellent "Kids on the Net" web-site (includes links and ideas)

Discursive Writing 7 - 11
A discursive text (in PDF) with a framework. If the two sheets are copied onto acetate, they overlay one another to enable the children to see how the example fits the framework. Contributed by Neil Hedworth.

Stream of Consciousness 5 - 11
A fabulous idea which can encourages children to think about how they use vocabulary.

Writing the Middle 7 - 11
A fantastic way of helping children to write the middle section of their stories.

Creative Writing Ideas  5 - 11
A number of ideas which can be used as a stimulus for creative writing lessons.

Descriptive Writing 7 - 11
A fun way to encourage children to be more descriptive in the things which they write.

Story Starters 5 - 11
A set of brilliant story starters (PDF) to give children ideas for a story. Contributed by Paula Whysall, who also recommends them as an extension activity for those who have finished their Literacy work.

Pirates, Pirates, Pirates! 7 - 11
Use this format to encourage children to write poetry involving alliteration and lots of adjectives!

Story Ideas 5 - 11
A set of ideas (in PDF) which children can use when writing stories based on particular themes. Contributed by Sharon Whitchurch.

Story Plans 7 - 11
Two free worksheets which children can use when planning their stories.

Who Am I? 5 - 11
A fantasic idea, incorporating ICT, Art and Literacy to produce a variety of different pieces of work.

Create-a-Story 7 - 11
Excellent activity for those who lack ideas when writing stories (worksheets provided).

Letter Writing  5 - 11
Writing letters can be extremely enjoyable for children, and this page shows you how.

Photographic Poetry 7 - 11
Create a poem in response to photographs you have, or you wish you had.

Holiday Recipes 5 - 11
A great way of getting children to write about their holidays.

First Person, Third Person 7 - 11
A worksheet requiring children to decide if sentences are written in the first person or the third person.

Describing Yourself  5 - 11
A game, useful for the beginning of term, which helps you and the children get to know each other.

Wanted Poster 7 - 11
A Wanted Poster template (PDF) which can be used when thinking about character profiles and portraits. Contributed by Paula Whysall.

Limericks 7 - 11
Learn about limericks! Contains lots of examples and suggested activities.

Shared Writing (Found on the ICT pages) 7 - 11
The whole class writes a story together using a word processor.

Instructions  7 - 11
Variety of activities based around instructions.

Character Sequencing 5 - 11
A wonderful way of reinforcing the importance of beginnings, middles and ends.

Finding out about Foxes 7 - 11
Requires children to use their research skills to produce an information report about foxes.

Willow Pattern Activities 5 - 11
 A number of activities (some of which have links with Art) which are based upon the Willow Pattern story.

Personalised Story 7 - 11
Test the personalised story machine on this page, and find out how the concept can be used in the classroom.

Better Book Reports 5 - 11
A PDF file containing 25 ideas for writing book reports! Contributed by Katie Pullman.

Personality Profile 5 - 11
A PDF worksheet with information about how to make a personality profile. Contributed by Heidi Streuber.

Planning Sheets 5 - 11
A planning sheet (in PDF) for use by groups of children when planning longer stories. Contributed by Sharon Whitchurch.

Writing - Words (types, parts, increasing vocabulary)

Adverb Poster 7 - 11
A wonderful poster which can be displayed to give children adverb suggestions.

Verbs Worksheets 7 - 11
Worksheets which teach children how to change the spellings of verbs when changing their tense.

Correct the Homophones 7 - 11
Use this worksheet to reinforce your children's knowledge of homophones.

Verb and Adverb Actions 7 - 11
 A drama idea which increases children's awareness of different verbs and adverbs.

Homophone Weekly 7 - 11
A fantastic way of helping children to remember different homophones.

Step Words 5 - 11
Three quick games which encourage children to think about the letters which make up words.


Heads and Tails Adjectives 7 - 11
A colourful worksheet (PDF) which develops children's understanding of adjectives. Contributed by a visitor.

Super Sentences! 5 - 11
Turn boring simple sentences into Super Sentences!

Adjective, Noun, Verb, Adverb  7 - 11
Reinforces knowledge of these four types of words (includes worksheet).

Boy / Girl 5 - 11
An interesting game for children which encourages them to share new vocabulary.

Collective Nouns 7 - 11
A PDF containing an exercise to reinforce children's existing knowledge of collective nouns. Contributed by Jim Merrett.

Names  5 - 11
Fun game, where children think of words (in specific categories) beginning with certain letters.

Nouns Worksheet 7 - 11
A PDF worksheet which encourages children to think about nouns. Contributed by Luke Townsend.

Word Quilts 7 - 11
A very simple idea which helps children to know the different types of words. Also an excellent way to decorate your classroom.

Suffixes and Prefixes 5 - 11
A PDF file containing two posters explaining all about suffixes and prefixes. Contributed by Katie Bownes.

Oh How Boring! 7 - 11
A story which children must edit to make it less repetitive and boring.

Suffixes and Synonyms 7 - 11
Two similar worksheets which ask children to search for different types of words.

Alternative Meanings 7 - 11
Make up alternative meanings for words, based on how the words actually sound.

Synonyms and Antonyms 7 - 11
Team game in which children find synonyms and antonyms of words. Also encourages use of a thesaurus.

Prepositions Activities 7 - 11
Lots and lots of interactive resources, ideas and worksheets to teach your children about prepositions.

Anthony Antonym 7 - 11
Develop your children's understanding of antonyms with this excellent idea!

Using a Thesaurus 7 - 11
A worksheet which encourages children to use a thesaurus to find synonyms.

Synonym Pairs 5 - 11
A fabulous way of helping children to learn about synonyms

Writing - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Words which begin with H 5 - 7
A worksheet (PDF) which helps Year One children to identify words which begin with the letter 'H'. Contributed by Lynn Harvey.

Making words with I, O and U  5 - 7
A PDF worksheet in which Year One children have to complete the words provided. Contributed by Lynn Harvey.

Misspelled Words 5 - 11
A list of 100 of the most mispelled words, and activities to help your class remember how to spell them correctly. Also includes a printable version of the 100 words.

Commas 7 - 11
A simple but effective worksheet requiring children to put commas in the correct place.

Using Spellings 7 - 11
A great idea for getting children to use the words in their spelling lists.

Punctuation Posters 7 - 11
A set of 11 brilliant posters (in PDF), outlining the uses of different types of punctuation. Contributed by Neil Hedworth.

Spelling Tips 5 - 11
A simple spelling tip which could increase your children's spelling scores.

Fill in the Punctuation  7 - 11
Children need to put the correct punctuation into a piece of text (includes worksheet)

Using Speech 7 - 11
A worksheet containing ideas and activities, which reinforce using speech properly when writing. Contributed by Kathryn Perkins.

Punctuation Sheets 7 - 11
A set of useful reminders (in PDF) for children to think about when writing stories. Contributed by Sharon Whitchurch.

Speech Marks 7 - 11
A number of useful resources which can be used to teach children about speech marks

Hot Potato! 5 - 7
An amusing game which encourages children to think about initial blends of words.
Incident in the Playground 7 - 11

An interesting worksheet (PDF) which helps children to think about their grammar, based on an incident in the playground


Harry Potter Links,2608,105,00.html
In case you're just discovering Harry Potter, the first book in the series is titled "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". 
The Americans (why, I don't know???) changed it to "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" so you'll find lessons referring to both titles - but the story is the same!


By the way, here are the "official" Harry Potter websites:
J.K. Rowling Bio: Official Harry Potter Site
Sponsored by Bloomsbury, the English publisher of the series.

And, here's another: J.K. Rowling Bio - Scholastic

Lots Of Links to All Things Harry - Australian Style

Make Magic with Harry Potter
Sampler activities for Harry Potter books
Grade Level(s): 3-5;

Harry Potter Fantasy Dream Cast
Students assume the roles of producer and director of the movie 
versions of the Harry Potter books.
Grade Level(s): 3-5;

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Activities
Chapter discussion questions and activities.
Grade Level(s): 3-5;

Harry Potter Alphabet Book
Create a class alphabet book about Harry Potter and his 
with the Dursleys and at Hogwarts.
Grade Level(s): 3-5;

Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone Study Guide
Discussion questions, worksheets, and tons of activities for 
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling
Grade Level(s): 3-5;

General Harry Potter Ideas
Activities and ideas that you can use with several of the 
Harry Potter books.
Grade Level(s): 3-5;

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Literature Guide
Discussion questions and activities for J.K. Rowling's book
Grade Level(s): 3-5;

Vocabulary and activities for J.K. Rowling's book.
Grade Level(s): 3-5;


Discussion questions and activities for this book by J.K. Rowling
Grade Level(s): 3-5;

Fantastic Resource To make or repair webquests. Follow up with 
word document.

Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone Cyberguide

Harry Potter

Fun with Harry Potter
Many activities for teaching with Harry Potter, including printable sheets.

Lessons and Activities

Activities to work on

The Best Site: Australian

The Harry Potter Project
Here's your chance to become involved in adventures almost as 
exciting as those experienced by Harry Potter. You can enroll in 
first year at the virtual Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, 
then work your way through a series of tasks in order to earn 
enough credits to be promoted to the second and subsequent years.

I also subscribe to and have just found another 
collection of Harry resources, including some great lesson ideas.,2608,105,00.html

'Haven't tried this out yet - but there are two versions of Quidditch
to download at this website.

Reading With Harry
Yr 4 -5

Harry And The Care Of Magical Creatures

Hunt And Capture Mythological Creatures Business


My Favourite Harry Potter Sites

Stories From The Web

24 Hour Museum

5* Harry Potter Site
For Harry Potter WebQuests



Lots Of Information

Harry Potter Fonts

Harry Potter Activities for Class

Harry Potter Pumpkin Milkshake

Harry Potter Wordsearch and Crosswords


Harry Potter Wizard Party

Harry Potter Pronunciation Guides

Make your own Harry Potter Sweater

Harry Potter Scavenger Hunts

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 
Scavenger Hunt

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 
Scavenger Hunt

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Scavenger Hunt

Medieval Crafts

Other Fantasy Crafts

Harry Potter Quizzes and Crosswords, News-stories and Special Features

Harry Potter Haiku and Poetry Links

The Harry Potter Cover Gallery
Images of the Boy Wizard from around the world

Harry Potter Links / Resources

Lots of resources from Marilee

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