PowerPoint Assignment Term 2 NAPS.


Title Of Story
Objectives Low Performance Average Exemplary Performance
Length of Presentation 0 points
Less than 9 Slides
1 point
9 - 11 Slides
3 points
More than 11 Slides
Title Slide:

0 points
Title Slide does not display any presenters' names or story title.

1 point
The title slide displays presenters' names or story title
2 points
The title slide displays presenters' names and story title.
Story: 0 points
The story does not make sense. Not interesting.
2 points
The story has a logical progression of ideas. Of some interest.
4 points
The content is excellent. It is clearly and concisely written. Thoroughly enjoyable!
Interactive Buttons To Other Slides 0 points
Buttons absent.
2 points
Some attempt made to include active buttons.
4 points
Successful use of active buttons.
Relates to Inspiration Assignment 0 points
Inspiration Story Board not used.
1 point
Some use of Story Board evident.
2 Points
Inspiration Story Board followed as practical.
Audience engagement:

0 points
No audience interest.

1 point
Limited audience interest.
Engaged the audience with appropriate story.
Presentation: 0 points
The presentation was hard to follow. The story was presented in a confusing or jumbled manner.
1 point
Story was presented in a clear manner and followed a well thought out plan.
2 points
Story was easy to follow, ideas were powerfully presented with emphasis.

0 points
No graphics used or the graphics that were used were unrelated to the content. The graphics do not enhance the understanding of the content or are distracting.

2 point
The graphics visually depict material relevant to the presentation and assist the audience in understanding the flow of the content.
4 points
Graphics assist in presenting an overall theme and make visual connections that enhance understanding of concept, ideas and relationships. There is a consistent visual theme.

0 points
No audio or audio used in inappropriate ways, e.g. using caned applause at the end of each slide.

1 point
Audio used is appropriate for presentation.

2 points
Appropriate and creative use of audio.
Audio used to good effect in a way that complements the content of the presentation.

Text Elements: 0 points
Overall readability is difficult. Lengthy paragraphs. Too many different fonts. Dark or busy background, overuse of bold text.

1 point
Some slides are easy to read, but others are difficult because the font size is too small, paragraphs are too long or there is a lack of contrast with background.

2 points
The fonts are easy to read and point size varies appropriately for headings and text. Use of italics, bold, and indentations enhances readability. Text on each slide is of appropriate length. The background and text colour enhances the readability of the text.
Background: 0 points
Very distracting on most or all slides.
1 point
Distracts on one or two slides.
2 points
Does not distract from text.
Co-operation 0 points
Did not follow instructions. Argued with partner. Disruptive.
2 points
Followed instructions, quiet, good partner co-operation.
4 points


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