Sites for Reluctant Readers

Sites K-2

Children's Stories and Fables Online animated stories and fables.

Lil-Fingers Storybooks Stories for infants.

Beartime Stories illustrated with photos.

Princess Sleepyhead Fairy tale by Betsy Cameron.

Children\'s Reading Room Adventures of Bunny and Friends.

Ika\'s Stories 16 fun stories.

Small Stories For Little People Fun animated stories.

Beantime Stories Collection of online stories.

ABC: Playground ABC stories online. Bananas In Pyjamas and other characters.

Tell Me A Story 11 short stories online.

Grimm Fairy Tales Animated and narrated fairy tales.

Anderson Fairy Tales Web-published children\'s books with Flash animation and narration. Featuring cartoons, e-learning, biography of Hans Christian Andersen, and links to the fairy tales.

Kid Zone Myths And Fables Myths and fables from around the world beautifully illustrated.

Mamma Lisa Nursery Rhymes Read and listen to these nursery rhymes.


Year 3-4

Adventures From The Book Of Virtues Stories based on the cartoon adventure.

Blue Bear Blue Bear and other online stories.

Timbuktoad Story World Collection of toad stories.

Story Place Children\'s digital library. Contains several interactive stories.

Legends Collection of the myths and legends.

Stories To Grow By Stories with a message.

Disney Read chapters from books based on your favourite characters.

Fable Library TeleFables are little books that live on your computer desktop, which you can download from our site and read anytime you like.

Story Plus Online Story Collection .

Candlelight Stories Collection of over 20 online stories.

Amazing Adventure Series Listen and read along with these stories.

Koala Stories Collection of Aussie stories.

Environmental Stories Choose your own adventure environmental stories.

PBS Kids Large selection of popular children\'s stories such as Berenstein Bears, Clifford

Kids Stories Collection of stories.

Room 108 Kids Stories Animated story books.

 Banph Ant adventure story.


Year 5-6

 Weirdstop Libby Hawthorn stories online and CD. Weirdstop aids in developing language, grammar and critical thinking skills in ways directly linked to national curriculum outcomes for literacy.

Wacky Web Tales Make your own adventure story to read.

The Diary Project Global non-profit organisation encourages teens to write about their day-to-day experiences growing up.

Ghost Stories Large collection of spooky stories

Interactive News for Kids Current news stories for kids.

Scholastic Kids Fun Online Sample chapters and news about popular reading titles.

Ology All about scientists and their work.

Ericas Spooky Ghost Stories The menu is divided into 2 for older kids and adults, and one for smaller kids. You be the judge.

Ghostly, Ghastly, Creepy, Crawly Scary stories.

Goosebumps By Kids Read these scary stories written by kids.

A Girls World Daily, weekly, and monthly features written and edited entirely by girls and teens from all over the world.

Girls Inc Activities and news about strong, smart, and bold girls.

Girl Power Stories of famous women, diaries and healthy living tips.

Girls Life Articles and features from the magazine.

Discovery School Type stories in the search bar for a number of interesting topics.

CyberKids Stories Collection on online stories

Mike Rofone Follow the adventures of this roving reporter.

Escape! Survival stories about car accidents.

Wide World of Sports Read the latest news about various sports.

ABC Online: Sport Catch up with the latest sport news.

Association of Surfing Professionals Read about the progress of Australian surfers on the pro surfing tour at the Association of Surfing Professionals site.

Yahoo Extreme Sports Directory Links to sites about various extreme sports.

The Jessicas Welcome to the place where five, very diverse, fifth grade city girls share their adventures with you.

Mary-Kate and Ashley

Daring To Resist Stories of three women who escaped the holocaust as teenagers.

National Geographic For Kids Science news and stories from around the globe.

Nintendo Learn about the latest developments in computer games.

Holes Read about this popular book which has been made into a movie.

Yahooligans Music Music news from around the world.

Bigpond Music News Read the latest news about local and overseas acts.

Internet Public Library: Kidzone Links to on-line stories and also learn more about your favorite books and authors.

Children\'s Story Books Online Collection of stories for K-3 students.

Iceberg When three children are set adrift in the midst of an Arctic storm, their adventures are only just beginning.


Teacher Reference

Boys Can Read Won\'t Read Tips for boys who are reluctant about reading.

Picture Books for Older Readers Ten reasons why teachers, librarians, and parents should provide picture books for older readers.

Reaching Reluctant Readers and Learners Transcript of the discussion that took place in the English Classroom Forum on the Discover website of the Tasmanian Department of Education.

Database of Award-Winning Children\'s Literature. Find the best in children\'s literature.

Reluctant Reader Book Lists Lists of top 10 books for reluctant readers from 1996-2002. Includes synopsis.

International Children\'s Digital Library Searchable database of children\'s literature.

Guys Read Literacy program to connect boys with books they want to read.

Online Stories Links to online story sites. 




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