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Phonics Year 2

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Word Search

Dolch Words R-1

Words In Alphabetical Order Grades R-1 & 3 - 6 http://www.netrover.com/~kingskid/alphagood/alphaintro.htm

Letter Recognition K-1

Interactive Crosswords Very Easy To Hard

Some Excellent Activities For More Reluctant Readers http://www.ash.udel.edu/ash/challenge/challengeframe.html

Especially http://www.ash.udel.edu/ash/challenge/challengeframe.html

An Unbelievable Site ˆ A Thesaurus http://thesaurus.plumbdesign.com/index.html

Alphabet Games And Activities - a List

Sites For Younger Children

Find The Missing Letter - also Math
R-3 Interactive

Easily Confused Words

Synonyms etc
R -5 Interactive

Spelling review and Learning Centre Vocabulary:
Most of the activities in this section are card games.

Spelling Games For All - Some Pinball

Some Resources For Teachers
Spelling Theme Page

A Resource Listing These Activities

Web Sites (1-8):
1.  FunBrain.com - FunBrain has online educational games for kids of all ages. (math, grammar, science, spelling, history) There is also an online Quiz Lab section where teachers can either use quizzes from our quiz bank or use the FunBrain tools to design their own quiz.
Grades: K-12
2.  Alpha Playing Cards five word games in one box of cards. - A new deck of playing cards that uses letters on each card. There are currently 5 different word games that can be played.
3.  Mrs. ABC's Spelling and Phonics Curriculum - A student learns spelling, phonics, alphabetical order, rhyming, punctuation and capitalization in an interactive, self paced curriculum with built in rewards and certificates. A great source for parents and teachers with weekly tips, related articles,
Grades: K-5
4.  Welcome To LeapFrog Toys - LeapFrog develops high quality interactive learning toys that teach children the alphabet, phonics, spelling, reading, music, science and math. LeapFrog's phonics and reading toys feature their patented Phonics Learning System, which introduces the basic...
5.  Alpha Home - have fun with alphabet and spelling games.
6.  Alpha Playing Cards - Word and Letter Games For All Ages. There are many different games that can be played with a deck of Alpha Playing Cards
Grades: K-12+
7.  SpellaRoo - can you figure out which word in the sentence is spelled wrong in this game?
An Extensive List Of Online Games
*First Grade Language Arts Games
Online Elementary Language Learning Games
* Healthy Kids Wordsearch
Kids need to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables each day to stay healthy. If that sounds like a lot to you, consider the large variety of choices available. We've hidden the names of many of these in the puzzle
* JumpStart Learning Games - Spelling
In JumpStart Learning Games: Spelling, kids ages 5 8 join CJ the lovable frog and his sidekick Edison the firefly on a fantastic prehistoric spelling adventure.

* Marmo Soemarmo's Online Word Games
Online Word Game Construction Set.
* Online Learning Games
Have Fun with Tons of Spelling Online Learning Games.
* Rooting Out Words
Help Remainder the Dog gather enough mushrooms to sell at the market by uncovering the roots of words.
* Scramble-Saurus (Spelling)
If the Scramble-Saurus could spell better, he may not be extinct. See if you can help him out by unscrambling the words. He'll help you out by giving some clues.
* Spell Check
Testing your spelling skills - get all problems right and be listed on the leader board!
* SpellaRoo
Spellaroo can hop better than he can spell. Click on the word that is spelled wrong. If you get twenty right, you will go to the "Land of Joeys".
* Spelling Games
Practice and Play Spelling Online. Tons of spelling games to choose from.
* Spin and Spell
Animated spelling game for children ages 4 to 8.

* Translator Alligator
For each screen, identify the correct word in the foreign language. Click on the correct word, or type in the name (spelling counts).
* Vocabulary
Vocabulary.com -- Lots of word puzzles designed to boost your vocabulary are available at this site.

* Word Meister
Press the Start button to begin the game. Choose the letters of the word to fill in the blanks. You can select letters by clicking on them with the mouse, or typing at your keyboard.


An Impressive List Of Activities







Excellent Annotated list

Interactive skill-based Curriculum Activities and Games for Students     5* Go There!

An Excellent List Of Language Activities For ESL Students
http://www.eslcafe.com/search/Games/ http://www.teflgames.com/msie1v_opposites1.htm

For Older Kids

Online Java Puzzle Collection
There are Word Searches Crosswords And Word Slides Here

Yahooligan's List of Online Word Games

Huge Language Link Site With All Kinds Of Interesting Ideas

Lots Of Online Games

Spin And Spell Game

Lots of spelling activities - US based!

Coconut Words  
This is a short, fun activity where pupils have to read a short sentence and find the missing word. The activity is based on a 'coconut shy'.

Noughts and Spellings  
This game is based on 'noughts and crosses'. The difference is that to play the game you have to answer 'spelling' questions.

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