Stories Read to Younger Children

Nice stories with a slight Irish Accent
[pig based characters]

Various stories but with US accent

Lots here.

Clifford stories with US accent

Stories with US accent

Make your own story - easy version

Nice stories from Lil'fingers

9 pintable stories - US accent

Lots of stories read by actors
US accent.
A tiny reading window

Lots of Fairy tales
US Accent

Letters and other things for learning the alphabet

3 books to read with music and graphics
US based and Accent

Nice stories with great graphics
US accent


Sessame Street characters and stories

Heaps of stories on different themes

A number of stories some for older kids - downloaded as MP3
US accent


Stories as told by different storytellers - require "realplayer"
Large colourful books
US accent

3 BBC stories. Interactive if required - need to click on objects.
English accent
Some more are here, but not all are with sound. Great though

A few here read to kids. They can also be downloaded.

Nice site. Move the magnifying glass to see the writing and so the Menu. Cute! For older kids.
Has activities to do too.


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