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Crosswords, Wordsearches, Mazes
and Other Language Fun.

The following are all free and require no software downloads unless otherwise stated.

Crossword Makers

Wordsearch Makers
Canadian Teachers Canadian Teachers
Corn Valley Site Corn Valley Site - the best?  Now called "armoredpenguin"
Puzzle maker -Discovery School Puzzlemaker
Variety games Varietygames - very easy!
ABC Teach. Nice site


How to use here


Kids Crossword maker using Java. Looks really interesting but not sure how to use it - needs more investigating - may not be working now.

Try this one
Anne's Quizzes
This one is new and looks good. Note, you do not have to add the personal information. It is used to allow you to save your work.

Can use numbers at Mario Becroft

Educational Press - This site using the above generator, uses Dolch words and lots of other basic lists. Can make various other types of activities including flashcards, bingo etc.

Ed helper
Edhelper  Lots of choices.

School Candy  Very Easy

Shawn Olsen. Here is a small puzzle maker. Small in that there does not seem to be many options.
Shop Hub
Shop Hub
To make puzzles You Need To Register. But you can play already made Crosswords, Word Scrambles, Anagrams, Secret Codes for free. Good site!
Pity about the registration, although it is painless and very easy. Could generate spam?



Billybear For Kids - nice graphics too.

Fun Brain

Teachnology -simple

Nice easy ones at Worldvillage, Genuineclass, apples4theteacher

Kids Word Search Maker
Looks really interesting but not sure how to use it - needs more investigating.

Puzzle Groove - Easy

NASA Kids - Upper or lower case

TeslJobs - Allows up to 30 Words and has quite a few features
These require software downloads but are free.

The "lite" version is free.

Eclipse Crossword Maker

Help To Find Words For Puzzles
Findtheword  Fantastic! Stuck for words? Try This! ***** stars
Make A Cryptogram
Billybear4kids  -neat graphics to use too!
Interactive Puzzles To Do
Wonderful Site To Start Doing Crosswords. HERE! Easy To Hard

Lots of puzzles here at "Wordsearch Choice"

Puzzles here for printing and online at "PuzzleChoice"

Puzzles on Animals, Time to Eat, Habitat ,Locations here

Lots of puzzles  Try the Puzzle Factory

Lots Of Great topics and you do them ONLINE Blackdog 
Very large site Excellent

Word puzzles for younger kids
First Grade Picturebook Word Puzzles
Second Grade Picturebook Word Puzzles
Third Grade Picturebook Word Puzzles
First Grade Spelling Word Puzzles
Other Word Puzzle Sites

The outstanding Billybear site for lots to do.

Lots Of different types Of puzzles that make you think at




Lots of different word games to play! Lots are "online" at APTE
There are themes or these puzzles
Anagram  Secret Code  Crossword  Word Scramble
Word Paint  Word Search Word Shape Match

Also lots of activities like those above - all interactive - at kidwizard

Puzzle Makers

Word Game Links
Lots of excellent interactive games at kidwizard

Fantastic WordSearch, Hangman, crosswords, match game here

A1 - Fantastic site - check the links. Try this one  for Crosswords
English-Zone.Com Word Games and Fun Links 
Magic Squares  A magic word square is a square of letters arranged in such a manner that a valid word is found in all columns and rows of the square.




Excellent hangman at
Word Scramble
Word Scramble - On this site you can make your own word scramble [jumbled letters]. Try it!

Word Maker
Make words using a beginning and ending and beat the computer here.

Word Games and Fun Links
Magic Squares  A magic word square is a square of letters arranged in such a manner that a valid word is found in all columns and rows of the square.

Hangman - English-learner


Word Scramble - On this site you can make your own word scramble [jumbled letters]. Try it!
Quiz Makers
Links: This site provides some great links to helpful sites.
What kind of quiz do you want to write?

Easy Peasy - the Anagram Engine

Maze Makers

Go have a look for just mazes on my other site.


Canadian Teachers - Excellent

Discovery School. Great site. Wonderful Options. Go there! ***** star

Do you want to make up your own mazes? Try this site here.

Lots of maze makers listed here at Teacher Tools Site

The Big Zoo - looks good and is easy. Print yours! Uses animals.

Bill's Games Maze Generator - excellent to print.

Fun Game

Watch it make a maze at Mazeworks

Mazes To Do ONLINE
Here is a list of links for Java Mazes.   Lots here!

I like "Dave The Worm"

Great Mazes site. Have a look. LOTS here.

Look for
Theseus and the Minotaur Mazes at the page bottom.

Mazes you need to print. Easier!

Mazes, mazes and more mazes.  If you like mazes, this is the spot for you.  Play one of the on-line java applet mazes, or print out and play one of BlackDog's Print and Play mazes.  Enjoy!

Online maze game ... navigate the passages.

Another navigation maze .... these are the directions

Can You Solve the World's Most Challenging Puzzle? Move from room to room in this maze of an old building, looking for the clues that will help you solve the puzzle.

Theseus and the Minotaur Mazes

A set of logic mazes - can you solve them all? 

Looks simple. But Isn't. A colour path maze at the Louisiana Children's Museum site.

Logic mazes - each maze has its own rules. Some are hard!

The craze maze. Online maze games.  Over a thousand mazes with selectable, 3D themes. Mazes changed periodically.

Very difficult! Lots to choose from!

Try this. A maze you make yourself. NB, some servers block Tripod

Online Maze - Puzzle Club

Raindrop org. Another one like Puzzle Club


Lots of mazes of different shapes to print - called "Maze Box"

Segovia Mazes - the one I looked at was quite hard.

Very difficult! Lots to choose from!

A huge variety if different mazes at Clickmazes includes some java based mazes. Look for the side menu.

Teacherview - some nice mazes here.

Some from ABCteach

Cartoon Critters mazes. Ignore the flashing ads!

Printable and for various ages

Name mazes - is your name there?

Lots of theme here

Mazes org - lots here.

Mazoons: Mazes and Cartoons
Contains a combination of mazes and cartoons. Each Mazoon is a maze that you can print and solve.

Puzzles, Maze Tools and Links

11 pages of 4 mazes on each page

17 mazes
56 Mazes

Here is a Maze game where you can be blocked!

Quite Hard Mazes to print
Lots of links from the DMOZ org site. Also, here

My Teacher Tools Site. Here and Here

An amazing resource!

Lots of links to try

Great Links for word game links

ABC net. Nice list with Puzzles included with the mazes.

Some more great games
also, some for printing

Free Crossword Maker Software
Eclipse Crossword Maker



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