Write A Story

RIF  Magic Story Writer -   Have backgrounds too.
Bill's Games     22   Story Builders 

Enchanted Learning - Zoom School
PBS - Make your own story - easy version
PBS -create your own adventures     Story builders 
A couple of titles

Up To Ten - Nice animations
Wacky Tales
Squiglysplayhouse    Make a Story              
1. http://www.funbrain.com/cgi-bin/wt.cgi?A1=s
2. http://www.funbrain.com/brain/ReadingBrain/ReadingBrain.html
A lesson on Using These Grammar Rules - for higher grades.
Grammar Helpers - if you don't know what a Noun or Verb is.

Sites where you can create stories, and other writing fun.

Blackdog4kids - the way to write stories.
http://www.voycabulary.com/  Make the words on any Internet page into links to a dictionary/thesaurus/acronym dictionary.
Magnetic Rhymes
Try to make a sentence from these words. Just click on them, then drag.
You can also un-jumble some nursery rhymes there too.
Create Your Own Play. Choose stars and assign their lines,
then click the "Create My Scenario" button to see your work.

Beenleigh School     http://www.beenleigss.qld.edu.au/
The activities on this page have been chosen because they will help students (from Years 4-7) t
o READ and understand the ENGLISH language.
A brilliant site. Lots of spelling activities, especially on the "basic" words and grammar.

Spellbinder    http://www.tki.org.nz/r/wick_ed/literacy/spellbinder.php  - seven pictures already done or you can make your own. Reads words you choose then you complete activities with the words. "SpellBinder contains a practice section. Before the students can complete their stories, they must practise each word in three different ways: copying, filling in missing letters, and completely spelling the word." Year 4+
Also has some great interactive activities.
The Rap Realm - Rap activities
http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/listenandwrite/applets/rapindex.htm Other great activities also available
Make a quiz


from FunBrain  (easy and hard levels)  http://www.funbrain.com/spell/index.html How to Play:
The computer will give twenty sets of four words.
Place a check next to the word which is spelled wrong.
Spell the word you checked correctly in the box.
If you get all twenty problems correct, you can put your name on our leader board.

1. A wonderful site with a vast array of activities.  http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/  
Lots of great interactive activities. http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/index.cfm?s=1&m=217&p=124,index   Have a look!
2. CharactersThis activity allows you to create your own character and then talk and write about the person you have invented.
3. Make a Monster
A creative activity allowing children to make their own monsters.
4. Story Time  
A superb resource to support the Literacy Strategy. It includes story texts, illustrations and downloadable worksheets.
Every pupil in the country is now required to study traditional tales and fairy stories. In addition, the Literacy Strategy places great emphasis on sequencing, characters and story settings.
This activity aims to help teachers by providing downloadable story texts, illustrations and accompanying resources. The downloadable resources are Word documents which allow the teacher to adapt them according to the needs of the pupils. The worksheets can either be printed off and used in the classroom or pupils can complete them on the computer.
Click on the characters to make the story.
http://www.riverdeep.net etc.
StoryTeller  - Edbydesign- "Great Stories About Anything - Publish your Story. So many things to write about - so little time. Let your imagination run wild and share your story with other kids from all over the world."
You must join, but joining is easy. Go here. Just don't use your names.  
Woodlands Magnetic Chat

1) Hold the SHIFT key down on your computer and click the black screen with your mouse. A tiny image should appear.
2) Type in the word you want to use.
3) Click the black screen again with your mouse and your word will now become a "magnet" for you to move around.
National Geographic.
Did you miss a cartoon? Click a scene below and add your own daffy dialogue!" 44 to make! http://www.nationalgeographic.com/kids/ngo/cartoons/more.html
Create Your Own Play. Choose stars and assign their lines,
then click the "Create My Scenario" button to see your work.
Magnetic Rhymes
Try to make a sentence from these words. Just click on them, then drag.
You can also un-jumble some nursery rhymes there too.
Mamamedia  One of my favourite sites ....  Here is Story Town. Use the pictures for your story.
Paragraph a Week is a yearly writing program designed to give your fifth- and sixth-graders practice with writing various types of paragraphs. In addition it reinforces good study habits and preparation of long-term assignments. Moreover, it involves parents in their child's Language Arts curriculum.  Ideas for writing.
WordLab StoryStarter
If you need to write a story and inspiration won't come, try StoryStarter. This game combines plot elements that may spark a story idea. The WordLab Fruit Machine works by randomly combining separate plot elements. "As you spin the reels, watch out for original, unexpected or humourous combinations. Some of the combinations will be nonsensical, but seemingly ridiculous combinations might produce a story with a fascinating twist - if you've got enough imagination! "
Picture Starters

Write your own stories with these printable worksheets. These writing exercises present a picture and a space for the teacher or parent to type in a word list for the student to use. The pictures in the lessons are either vector drawn clip art or rendered art. You can choose either colour or black and white pictures for the student to colour with the clip art worksheets.
Story Starter
An online story starter with thousands of possible stories.              
A very easy story builder. For younger kids                                         
Story Starter   by Joel Heffner
...gives you ideas to write 248,832 different stories.
Stories From the Web

"Here are some story starts written by famous English authors. Choose an author from the list .... and then finish their story".

Have a look at Your Choice, Story Starts, Story Themes and Folk Tales
and get writing!
Send us your stories and we will display them in the Gallery.

Story Starters  Adventure Space Animal Spooky Funny

There are many others like these. Use your favourite search engine for more!

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