Co-ordinates in Maths

An introduction to the coordinate plane

You can create a line graph here         
You need the [x, y]

Co-ordinates and co-ordinate system.

Another lesson

Simple coordinates worksheet

Simple coordinates game

Simple maze game worksheet

Simple maze game

Make an Alien Mask using coordinates


A picture you can make ... the problems are harder     


Really hard ____ feed the bug game

Have a go at this game by putting in the coordinates ... avoid the mines
it's at the bottom of the page.

Another game using grids


A lesson plan using a game  [battleships].
Online battleships - to get the idea 
The best one I think

Then you need to make up your own!

Another battleships lesson

Graph Sheets [for Battleships]      My graph printing pages
This is a great site for all kinds of maths  manipulatives


Another Game similar to "Battleships"

Battleships is a traditional game for two players, who will each need a paper and pencil.

First draw a grid about 8 squares tall and wide. Label the grid with the numbers 1 to 8 along the bottom and letters A to H along the sides. Make sure that each player’s grid is the same! Then, making sure that the other player cannot see what you are doing, mark “your fleet” onto your grid. An aircraft carrier is five squares in one straight line; a battleship four squares in one straight line, a cruiser three squares in one straight line. Each fleet should also have two destroyers (two adjacent squares) and two submarines (single squares). Now try to find your opponent’s fleet by calling out a position on the grid (eg D4 or H8). He must tell you whether you have a “hit” or a “miss”, or if you have sunk a craft (and if so, which craft it is). The first player to sink his opponent’s fleet is the winner.

If you would prefer not to draw your own grids each time, you can find a free printable version of Battleships at Activity Village, here:

Have a look at this one in "Quiet Games"

Another Game similar to "Battleships"


Another lesson plan


Draw these coordinates ..................  (1,2), (2,3), (3,3), (4,2), (3,1), and (2,1),  What shape do you have?

Test your knowledge of co-ordinates.
This activity will allow you to develop your understanding of co-ordinates and shapes.
Sept. 2003



August  2005