Recognize shapes
Small activity on recognizing shapes
From, the following -
Concepts are in Green, Technology Prerequisites are in Purple
Mouse control- control position; one click
  1. Kinderweb - Interactive educational games geared for the beginning of the school year or preschoolers. Students practice their colours and shapes. This site is completely audio so children can work at their own pace independently.
  2. Shape Match - concentration style game
  3. Paint the Shapes - A listening and following directions game identifying shapes and colours.
  4. Find the Shape - Click on the shape you find in the picture
  5. Oochy goes to the Fair - help him match shapes
  6. Shape and Colour Match - concentration style game
  7. Shape Story - Audio provided; describes each shape
  8. Shape Shifter - Click on the shape at the bottom of the window and then click on the shape that matches it as the rows scroll by.

Mouse control- drag and drop

  1. Shape Match - Drag and drop the shape on the correct match.
  2. Astronomy Shape Match - click and drag objects to match shape outlines
  3. Put it on the Shelf - Replace the question mark with the shape that matches the outline below.
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Create pattern units of two to five squares and display them on the grid. Can you visualize how the grid will look when your pattern is repeated? Try these challenges:
  • Make different patterns with units of varying size. The units you create should all result in a pattern with vertical stripes when displayed on the grid.
  • Make a unit that will create a pattern with red squares appearing diagonally on the grid.
Create a pattern whose eighteenth square is green.


Shape Games
Colours and Shapes
Learn both colours and shapes
by watching this movie from
Fisher Price.
Ocean Shapes
Go skin diving with Betty Lou
and help her match the ocean
animals to their shape.
Shape Match
Can you match the colourful
Connect the Dots
Connect the dots to draw a
Toy Shapes
Match the toy to its shape.
Broken Triangle
This triangle has fallen apart. 
Can you put it back together?
Barney: Three Cornered Hat - Explore triangles in this lesson plan, and then find the hidden shapes in a corresponding printable.
Cyberchase: A Different Point of View - Observe, draw and identify the outline shapes of simple objects from different viewpoints and name the geometric shapes seen.
Cyberchase: What Makes This Shadow? - Use these printables to explore the shapes of objects from different points of view.
Dragon Tales: Find the Shape - Search for triangles, circles, and squares hidden in the pictures.
Teletubbies: Circle Fun - Have a circle lunch with circle sandwiches! Then make circle pictures.
Teletubbies: Colorful Shapes - Cut out circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, stars and ovals and sort them into like piles.
Sagwa: Tangrams - Use basic shapes to build pictures of many of the Sagwa characters.
Sesame Street: Zoe's Great Shape Scavenger Hunt - Help Zoe find the shapes on her scavenger hunt.

Shape Sites





Funschool Shape Racer

Sesame Street: Fit the Shape

Mathsurf: Shapes






Pochacco's Shape Matching Game

Shape Doodle

Buzzing with Shapes

Shapes Game





Korky's Bag Packer

Interactive Tangrams

Fun with Shapes

The Dinosaur Shadow Game





Know Your Shapes

Wise Up: Shapes

Shape Up

Shapes and Colors Game

Shapes from space
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