Ancient Lands - Australia

This theme is the Year 5-6 Science and Technology Unit: 
An Ancient Land - Changes that have occurred over long periods of time. 
Designing and making a model of various landforms. 
Investigating animals that existed in prehistoric times. 
Designing a model of a prehistoric environment.


Coasts In Crisis
Information on types of coasts and changes over time.

Gondwana Timeline
Summary of Geological history of Australia.

Walking with Dinosaurs - Australian Dinosaurs
Information about Australian dinosaurs compiled by Leigh Dayton and Dr. Paul

The World of Australian Dinosaurs
Information on why Australian dinosaurs were unique.

Some Australian Dinosaurs
Short profiles on some Australian dinosaurs.

Australian Landform Facts
Information on Australian Landforms.

Hotlist Australian Landforms
Links to significant landforms and locations.

Earth From Space
Search for views of distinctive landforms seen from space.

Visible Earth
A directory of images of earth.

Thinkquest: Volcanoes Online
Information on various volcanoes around the world and types of eruptions.

Volcano World
Comprehensive site about volcanoes.

Brainpop: Volcanoes
Watch flash videos about volcanoes.

Volcano Livecams
Connect to volcano webcams around the world.

Geological History of New Zealand
Modern New Zealand is world renown for being geological active with high
mountains, frequent earthquakes and geothermal activity.

Current Earthquakes
World map showing earthquake locations in the last hour, day and week.

Understanding Earthquakes
Learn about earthquakes and answer a quiz.


Australian Dinosaur Quest
Travel back in time and provide pictures and information about the dinosaurs of

Australian Landforms
Students prepare a brochure or web page on one spectacular landform in Australia
using the links provided and highlight its scenic features, origins and
geological significance.

Unit Plan - What\'s On The Surface,1607,7-155-10710_10733_10738-33528--,00.html
Set of ten lessons on identifying landforms and creating a landform model.

Australian Landforms Worksheet
Click on the links provided to answer the questions.

Exploring Landforms
This unit investigates several types of landforms. Students will explore and
choose a famous landform to investigate and create a presentation.

Towel Geology
Lesson using artistic approaches to promote critical thinking about geology and
geologic processes.

Landforms Discovery
Students learn how water and erosion affect the landscape.

Making Volcanoes
Students create a volcano to learn how they act as giant cooling vents for
Earth’s inner core.

Dinosaur Task Cards
Complete task cards about different dinosaurs and create a prehistoric scene.

Dinosaurs Thematic Unit
Students will explore prehistoric times to expand their knowledge of dinosaurs
to create a diorama.

Teacher Reference

Australian Dinosaur Sites
Profiles of significant digging sites around Australia.

Australian Topographic Maps
Choose from a large selection of topographic maps of different parts of

Geomorphology Maps of Australia
View geomorphic maps by state and region.

Geological History of Australia
Summary of Geological History of Australia.

How To Create a Lava Flow
This model is easy to demonstrate and very useful in relating hazards associated
with lava flows.

Volcano and Earthquake Hotlist
Extensive list of links to sites on volcanoes from around the world.



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