For most of the decade of the eighties I was on national television daily in Australia, as Humbolt the Clown on the children's show "Fat Cat and Friends". I do not think I suffered permanent brain damage from this, or caused it to any youngsters, but I can't be sure.

Patsy Biscoe and I put a touring show together in about 1988 and toured all over the country for several years, off and on. On tour, the Fat Cat suit was inhabited by Patsy's partner Damien, a very wild and funny bloke who sadly passed away in 2003. We also put an adult music-cabaret show together, for evening performances. I played bass, Patsy played guitar of course and Damien played lead guitar and sometimes banjo. There is a joke that banjo players in a band never get a root, but I don't think this applied to Damien, in his earlier years. The band sounded pretty good and we included a lot of magic and gags in the show. With Fat Cat performances in the daytime and a band gig in the evening, it was a pretty good package.

John Oster, one of the two "straight" Fat Cat presenters, re-invented himself after the demise of the TV show, disappeared into the Western Australian outback to work in some Aboriginal communities and is now the CEO for Desart, an Alice Springs-based umbrella organisation for Centralian Aboriginal art centres.

My only visit to the Hyatt Hotel

Handout brochure

Fan card for handouts

Patsy helps Damien get ready

A very weird picture

The Biscoe Band 1991