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BaseLAN SA was started a fair while ago, maybe 2 years max, when a group of people from TAFE decided to have a small LAN at the "Rez". Maybe a month later, another one was organised. and a few months after that again, yet another.  LAN's got very rare after the third one, because people were not as interested, due to the availability of fresh warez. After about 6 months after the first LAN's, things died off completely.

About a year later, I resurrected the excitement of group gaming and leeching, and managed to gather a few friends from TAFE together, and I organised a small LAN at the Rez.

Today, i organise frequent LANs at the Rez, and usually have a great attendance rate.


Some classic quotes heard over the constant sound of hardcore fragging fits heard from player's headphones:

"Where the F**K are all my warez?"

"Stupid f**king network. My computer works fine at home"

"Oh my god! sif u use f**king Zone Alarm! that's f**king gayoramaness"



more to come :P








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