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HIDES by Jim Thomson

I use all Canon bodies EOS 5 with lenses to 400 and Canon Speedlites. My latest addition is a Canon Digital still to be tried out.
I like to cover all aspects of bird photography from shooting Waders to birds flying into the nest. The later needs you to work close in on the subject and requires patience and a certain amount of dedication.
In most cases we have to move our hides in slowly over a period of time, taking extra care not to disturb our subject. Once the hide is accepted the Camera is set on manual and focussed on the flight path. Great care should be taken to the focus as all your images will not be sharp if this is out, you have to also make sure all the bird is in the composition.
Once this is set up take a daylight reading of the area and then under expose 2 stops this will let our speedlites takeover and freeze the subject.
In some cases we set the Camera and Flashes away from the hide but within a metre of our subject and trigger the Camera by remote control, This is sometimes the best way as it lets you see an overall view of the proceedings, and also lets you adjust for delay.
I should point out that the normal set up consists of 2 speedlites in front and one in the background if possible, this can give a better separation for our subject from the background.

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