This is the Cragg family story in England between 1770 and 1859. Researching genealogy can be exciting sometimes and brain numbingly boring at others. You can find yourself visiting ruins, stomping through graveyards, pouring over time-worn parchment, exchanging e-mail with people from all over the world or spending hours going blind sifting through reels of microfilm. Somebody stop me!! :-)

The research on the England side of the Cragg family is always ongoing. The pages I have prepared are an ordered summation of the chaos of notes, scribblings, photocopies, books and pictures I have collected in my quest. I started back in 1994 when planning a trip to the UK. I thought it would be nice to know where my family came from and why they chose Australia as a destination.

I am deeply indebted to family members, library and archives staff, and fellow researchers on various mailing lists. You can email me at woolwash@internode.on.net if you would like to discuss the Cragg family further.

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