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This is where I keep everything else I get up to on the Web in my "spare" time.

Riverstone (town on the outskirts of Sydney): Back in 1994 I did not know the town Riverstone even existed. Today I am member of the Riverstone and District Historical Society. It seems my great-great grandfather was a colourful local identity there at the turn of the century. This exhibition contains fragments of his story made up from pictures and newspaper articles.

Webdb Talk: This is a talk on Web enabled databases I gave at seminar held at the State Library of NSW. An article based on this talk will appear in the LASIE Journal during 1999.

Cragg: This is the Cragg family story in England between 1770 and 1859. Researching genealogy can be exciting sometimes and brain numbingly boring at others. You can find yourself visiting ruins, stomping through graveyards, pouring over time-worn parchment, exchanging e-mail with people from all over the world or spending hours going blind sifting through reels of microfilm. Somebody stop me!! :-)

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