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Note that the numbers given here are the starting stats of a member of that race before they have chosen a class. Each of these stats (except your classes primary) can be trained 5 points higher and raised an additional 3 points with gear or spells, for a total maximum of 8 points above the listed value.

Class Prime Stat
Warrior Strength
Mage Intelligence
Psionicist Intelligence
Cleric Wisdom
Archer Dexterity
Monk Dexterity
Rogue Dexterity
       The stat which is the Primary Requisite for your class will begin 1 point higher, may be trained 7 points, and can be raised an additional 3 points with gear or spells. (For a total of 11 points above the value listed here.)

Example: A normal human begins with base stats of 13 across the board. This means that a run of the mill human can reach 18 base / 21 max in all five stats. However, say that you decide to become a warrior. Since strength is the prime statistic of that class, it's raised to an initial value of 14, can be trained to 21 and may be further raised with gear or spells to a maximum of 24.

Due to recent changes, your stats increase further at the hero and lord tiers; once you have reached level 51 your trainable maximum increases by 5 points on your prime stat, and by 2 points on your other attributes. This is repeated at lord (another +5 prime and +2 others).

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