Yarracully kennels was established in 1996 after the acquisition of our first TENTERFIELD TERRIER. This first dog was registered with the Tenterfield Terrier Association of South Australia as foundation stock.

Another dog this time a female was purchased in January 1998 from Rivendell Kennels in Adelaide and bought back to join our family.

In April 2002 another two dogs joined our group. These are Pintupi Rosasharn ( Sharnie) and Pintupi Luarni (Milo). These dogs flown down from Rockhampton in Queensland and were bred by Mrs Charlesworth of Pintupi Kennels.

Several alterations have been made to accommodate us in our household including the fitting of a catflap in the door to the laundry, the construction of a run for sleeping in two spare dog houses in the rear section of the property. Extra expansion of this run is continually occurring. The yard was divided into two sections so that we would not need to be restrained on a chain etc. when the boss is going out in his car.

 Of course to move the family around a utility was purchased and fitted with a canopy with mesh inner door so that we could be taken to dog shows and the like. The back had been specially set up to carry us around with a Fan and carpeting to make the long trips more pleasant as we have to travel approximately four hours to get to the show.

An old dog trailer was also purchased to transport us around. Both have since been replaced with a much newer, larger and more modern trailer made by Lockwood trailers

All of us go to school every Sunday as we want to compete in obedience dog trials as well as confirmation shows.