The TENTERFIELD TERRIER is a small breed of dog. It is a bright and happy dog. The breed is a good working type of dog which also makes a good companion. The breed has been accepted by the Australian National Kennel Club as a breed. (as at January 1st 2002)


The Tenterfield Terrier Club of Australia was established to work towards this goal. Once the club has

proof of five generations of dogs and a large enough membership base it may then apply for breed recognition.

The dog originated in England in the 1800's from the runts of Standard Fox Terriers and Manchester Black and Tan Terriers. Overtime there has been input from the Whippet.


It is believed that the early settlers, including famous bushranger Ben Hall, first bought the dogs to Australia.

 They were bred extensively in and around Tenterfield, New South Wales. One of the more well known

early breeders was George Woolnough.

George Woolnough was also known as the Tenterfield Saddler and was the grandfather of singer Peter Allen ( who wrote and recorded the song "Tenterfield Saddler") at this time the breed was known as the

Mini Foxie.


In 1990 it became apparent that a new name had to be decided on if the breed was ever to become

recognised. Don Burke who hosts an Australian gardening television show "Burke's Backyard" had suggested the name Tenterfield Terriers on his program. After voting of all clubs concerned with the breed it was overwhelmingly voted to accept the new name.