APRIL 2005



Original Plan was to simply drive to Merbein and stay at Wykeetna.

Actual events are, we left Broken Hill at 1.30pm in the VS commodore. There was myself, My mother, my niece Miranda and 8 week old baby Xavier. Arrived at Lake Popiltah (Half Way point). While walking back from the toilet I noticed fluid on the inside of left front wheel.

Upon checking the strut I noticed it was transmission fluid. Closer inspection showed it was coming from the transmission cooler. Upon inspection it was revealed the cooler had a hole in it and was pumping fluid out under pressure.

I rang my brother and got him to hire a car trailer to come and get the car and then arranged a ride home for mum to get the VT Commodore with some people who had just pulled up.

Shortly after Mum left Ben (Wykeetna) pulled up. He had been working in Broken Hill and was heading home for the weekend. I got Ben to take Miranda and Xavier on to Merbein as well as the dog trailer as it was starting to come in cold with the sun going down and I didn't want Xavier to be in the cold night air. I waited with the car.

7.30 Mum arrived in the VT along with my brother in a mates borrowed Bronco with a car trailer. He had to borrow the Bronco as a local trailer hire place would not hire a car trailer to be towed by the EA falcon. We loaded the VS onto the car trailer and then my brother informs me that he had bought no rope or tiedowns. We pulled the car down using the winch on the new nudge bar and chained the chassis down. We then discovered that the rear tailgate which is also a ramp would not fit back onto the trailer. So I climbed back into the car (Side of trailer to high to allow door to open) and put the back seat down so ramp and spare tyre could go in boot.

My brother then headed back to Broken Hill while mum and I headed to Merbein. About halfway between Popiltah and The Anabranch I hit a roo with the VT. We arrived in Merbein about 10.30pm.

We had tea, talked had a shower and went to bed about midnight. Awoke at about 1.30am with pain down right side of rib cage. Pain was getting worse. I had two panadol and tried to go back to sleep. At about 2am pain was extreme. Mum asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital. I Declined, but about ten minutes later I asked mum to take me in.

I Started to drive but only went about 2 or 3 blocks and then got mum to drive. The pain was getting unbearable.

Got to the Mildura Hospital and explained what was wrong. They tested Heart, blood pressure and blood oxygen Levels. everything was OK

They then gave me a pain killer injection which eased the pain but set in a nauseous feeling. Within 1/2 hour pain subdued. I was told the pain killer might last for about eight hours. It lasted all weekend. I was asked to return to the hospital at 9am for further testing. Show started at 9am with terrier group first one on.

Mentioned the nights events to Danny and Ben (Wykeetna) and they weren't even aware I had been taken to hospital. 

At 6am I took Miranda and Mum and dogs to oval and setup camp. I left for the hospital just as the Tenterfields were entering the ring.

At the hospital I had the X-Rays and then saw the doctor for the results. He informed me they were looking for either broken ribs or a punctured lung. However he said that everything was OK. He then confirmed what the other doctor had said and that I had strained all the muscles in my rib cage. Probably from loading the car and climbing in and out of the car window. I was also told they would recheck and let me know if they find anything

Returned to show grounds at lunch time to be told that judging of Tenterfields was completely messed up. More on this later. At canteen Wayne Simons approached me and apologised for stirring me up that morning as he didn't realise I was crook.

Sat Night early to bed

Sharnie got Best Of Breed

Snowy got Minor Puppy In Group

Abbie Junior in Group

Don't know what happened with the rest (see my nieces comments below)  

Sunday we were the last group on

Johnsie showed up today and started stirring straight up.

As we were the last ones to be judged before general specials all the other Broken Hill people were at Brian And Leeannes camp (Bannerbrite Siberians) as we were being judged. When Mum got Best Of Breed with Sharnie ( Rosasharn) they all cheered. Danny (Wykeetna) then brought Xena (Shanie Lu) in to go against Milo (Luarni). The hooligans were yelling "Give it to the dog". However the judge who could hear them said "I'm sorry but I'll take the bitch". The hooligans cheered again. As I left the ring the judge asked "do you know those people?" to which I replied "Yeah they come from the same town as I do."

As there were three rings set up and they were on the other side of the oval from our ring everyone there would have heard them yelling and cheering.

While waiting for General Specials Sharnie pushed over the centre barrier in the trolley causing Abbie to get jammed against the side wall and her leg jammed. We managed to realise the leg with no injury.

Followed Ben (Wykeetna) back to Broken Hill as he had his fathers Landcruiser with a bullbar and driving lights. When we pulled up at Popiltah there were about 5 caravans there. I commented "Isn't it typical. The other night I sat here for hours with no one even calling in, then tonight the place is packed".

Sharnie got best Bitch and Best Of Breed

Xena got runner up bitch and Runner up best of breed

Miranda won the raffle of a dogs bed

The injuries received on this trip still continue to plague me some two years later if I'm not careful how I reach or lift something. A very expensive weekend overall not just financially but physically as well.

Mirandas Version Of The Saturday

Myself and Nan were left to show the dogs by ourselves. Snowy got best puppy in group Milo got best dog in group. Misty won her age group against Peggy. Abbie got best junior, Sharnie got open against Xena then Sharnie Misty and Abbie lined up for best bitch. We asked Danny (Wykeetna) to get Milo ready for Best Of Breed run off. Sharnie got best Bitchand the steward called no 96 to come in which was Xenaand because Nan got confused she bought Peggy in who ended up getting runner up bitch. Not a bad effort considering she got nothing in her age class. After all the mayhem Snowy got Best puppy in group, and Abbie got best junior against a Jack Russell.