APRIL 2006



Three shows in two days. This was going to be interesting. To be made even more so as I am experiencing pain in my knees (which I thought was from standing on cold wet grass) to gradual loss of movement in knees. As such I had to call on Mum and a friend from group 1 (Heidi) to run some of the dogs as I was not able to run all of them. I started to but with each dog I took in or each lap of the ring my knees would tighten up and limit my movement.

Just as well the judge was judging the dogs gait and not mine. 

 Morning show we had a Mrs Hargraves from Tasmania as judge. Breed judging went alright but group judging didn't. When it got to do Intermediate in group the judge asked the steward to allow the dogs in one at a time so she would have a chance to view each dog. Fair enough. I'm all for that. I was waiting with Kimberly Mist as well as another exhibitor with a staffie waiting for the judge to call us in.

After three dogs the judge called a winner while we were still waiting to enter the ring. I did not approve of this as I have had it happen before but also because the Staffie has more often than not won this class and would have quite easily again on the day.

I later spoke to the staffie owner whom I know personally and consider them a good friend and I then spoke to the VCA (Victorian Canine Association) rep who told me that there isn't anything that can be done.

I feel that this is a problem that is starting to occur far too often and should be addressed. Its true that if you do not like the judge you do not enter under them. But this is a matter of the judge not being courteous enough to wait and view all dogs entered. On the day we were told that it was the stewards fault that this occured. At the time I disagreed with this and to this day still disagree with this. I even told the steward concerned that I did not accept that they were at fault.

Afternoon show started at 4.45pm and was mostly conducted under lights while being bombarded by giant moths as big as pigeons. Fair dinkum they were huge.

Another Tasmanian judge (Mr Norris). However a more respectful and courteous one. Much better. Show finished at 10.45pm

Sunday show Mrs Norris judging (Wife of previous nights judge) Also a far more courteous judge who seemed rather pleasant and easy to talk to. Our Tenterfields took out Runner Up in Group, Open In Group, Australian Bred In Group and Baby Puppy In Group. A very good result.