The TENTERFIELDTERRIER is a strong, active, agile working terrier of great versatility with a body which must be square in appearance. The length of the head and neck should always be in harmonious balance to the whole of the dog. The coat is to be smooth.


A keen intelligent and alert expression which is denoted by the carriage of the ears and erect tail and the enquiring nature of the eye


Confident, with an eagerness to learn showing great loyalty to its owner and

although fearless and bold at work, he is an ideal companion dog in the home.


Shoulders well sloped back (45 degrees) and not too heavily muscled. Forelegs are of strong round bone in keeping with the size of the dog, straight when viewed from any angle and of sufficient length of the upper arm which is at a 90 degree angle to the scapula to ensure the elbows are set under the body.


Compact, oval shaped (not round), toes moderately arched. Feet turning neither in nor out.


Medium sized head in proportion to the body. The skull is slightly arched between the ears. Domed or apple headed skulls are highly undesirable. When viewed from the front to be wedge shaped and well filled in under the eyes. The stop is moderate and when measured from that point to the occiput it equals the distance from the stop to the tip of the nose. The colour of the nose must be black. There should be strength in the muzzle


Not too heavily muscled. The rump is well rounded with only a slight slope down to the croup. Long and powerful thighs. The stifle is well bent and the hocks well let down.


Tail should not be carried over the back. i.e. not toward the head. If docked the tail should be docked at the 3rd joint. The tail should be high set and erect when the dog is alert. Where a natural bob or full tail dog occurs it is not to be unduly penalised.


The issue of tail docking is a very contentious one with many breeders having differing views on this matter.


In line with newly enabled legislation Yarracully Kennels no longer docks tails of any of its pups.


This new law is now enforced throughout Australia


Fore and hind legs carried straight forward and parallel. The elbows to move

 perpendicular to the body, working clear of the sides, stifles neither turning in nor out and the hocks not close, with good drive coming from the well

flexing hindquarters.


To be short and of smooth texture. The Tenterfield Terrier is a single coated dog.


Predominantly white with black and/or tan markings in its various tones. Brindle markings accepted but not preferred. Full colour coats are not acceptable.

Skin should always be pigmented, its colour matching the colour of the nose.


The ideal height to be 27cm (10.5 Inches) with a 2.5cm (1") variation either way.

The weight to be in proportion to the size of the dog.


Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the

seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree. Any weakness in the following should be particularly penalised;
1. Lack of Tenterfield Terrier Type.
2. Lack of true terrier characteristics.
3. Lack Of Balance-I.E. over exaggeration of any points
4. Lack of gender definition
5. Sluggish or unsound movement
6. Faulty mouth