AUGUST 2005



Stayed at Wentworth Club Motel as Dannys Kids (Wykeetna) had Chicken Pox. Went to the Captain Sturt hotel for tea Friday Night.

Saturday Show Milo got challenge Dog, Sharnie got Challenge Bitch and Best Of Breed. Misty got runner up bitch and runner up best of breed

Saturday evening we went into Mildura to chemist and supermarket. Mum was going to get changed for tea at the Plaza toilets. However they were inaccessible due to building being conducted. So she decided to get changed in the car in the carpark. When I returned from the supermarket mum asked "How dark is the tint on the windows?" to which I replied "Fairly dark ( especially at night as it was getting dark outside) But not with the interior light on" (Due to timer)

Saturday night we had tea at the Gateway tavern with Graham Fisher, Paul (Grahams brother) Grahams Parents (Border Collies) Carolyn Clifford (Border Collies and owns a pet shop in Mildura) and Paula Watchel (Border Collies)

Later that night back at the motel mum heard a bang and then the dogs went off. I went out to see an idiot running across the road and saying to his friends "There's bloody dogs in that trailer" (real intelligent dip shit) He then got in the boot of a late model car and they drove away.

Next morning when loading the car I found the right front door of the trailer had been kicked in (Xena's compartment) The dent was so bad that the door had a two inch opening when closed against the inner mesh door. The metal lining was actually popped out of the door frame. If the inner door was not installed the door would have caved right in and the dog could have escaped. The worst part was that the dog in that compartment was nearly due to have pups and I bought her with me in case she had them that weekend and would rather be there in case rather than leave her home to have them. She actually whelped two days later.

Went to the local Police Station which was unattended. While there a police officer from Dareton (The next town) pulled up and asked what was wrong. I told him of the damage to the trailer and was told by the officer "There's nothing we can do about it." (seems its legal to vandalise and break into vehicles in NSW, that or the NSW police are just too slack to get off their arses and do the job that us tax payers are paying them for.)

Fortunately at the Sunday show a Border Terrier owner managed to pop it back into shape although the metal has stretched a bit.

Sunday Show

Milo got Best Dog and Best Of Breed

Sharnie got Best Bitch and Runner up in Breed

Misty got Runner Up Best Bitch

Snowy Got Runner Up Best Dog

On the way home we stopped at Popiltah and when I restarted the car the powertrain light came on. When we got to Coombah roadhouse I turned the car off to check everything over, Seemed alright. When I restarted the car the light went out. Bugs on the road were very bad. The white car next morning was yellow with insect splatter.