Adelaide Lure Coursing & Racing Club





Is any live game ever used in the trials or training of the Lure Coursing Dogs?

No. Live game is never used in the trials or the training of the Lure Coursing Dogs. The R.S.P.C.A. has fully endorsed our sport and has commended our efforts for promoting responsible dog ownership. Not only do we encourage good health and safe exercise for our dogs, but the safety and welfare of other animals on our grounds is also important to us. We also minimise our impact on the grounds we use by leaving it clear of any rubbish or damage.

What happens at regular club meets?

The day is very relaxed and focused on having fun. Members and newcomers meet at the event grounds where tickets for runs may be purchased. Each dog is run individually whilst all others are secured on leads so they don't interfere with the running dog.

Where does the club meet for coursing?

We lease our usual grounds at Thomas More College, Salisbury Downs and often hold Straight Track runs at Shooters Park in Viginia.
Both Venues are Fully Fenced and not open to the public.
Please check the upcoming events page for individual locations for each date.

Thomas More College
Bonython Map

Is there any gambling involved?

NO. No gambling is involved with this sport as strictly outlined in our rules.

What happens during an Official Lure Field Trial?

In an official Lure Field Trial, each dog is released on the Huntsmaster's call of "Tally Ho" and they follow the lure around the course. Each dog is scored on it's ENTHUSIASM, FOLLOW, AGILITY, SPEED and ENDURANCE. After the scores are totalled at the end of the day (each dog is run twice) prizes are awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dog in each breed, with the overall winner of the day getting special recognition. The points allotted go towards the title of Field Champion and for those dogs that already have that title, the title of Lure Courser of Merit.

Are there any restrictions to a dog racing?

Any dog with a drive for chasing is welcome. However puppies under 12 months are not allowed to do full courses with corners but may participate in straight puppy runs. Also bitches in season are not to be coursed.