Meccano Gear Ratio Finder

Here are some programs to locate specific gear ratios.

If you know how to use a compiler, download the original source code, compile it up and run it from the command line. There are a number of options to allow/disallow ratios and tooth counts. It is designed to be fairly flexible and very fast. Still finding gear ratios requires an exponential search so there are limits.

A pre-compiled DOS/Windows executable is also available. The program opens a blank command window and waits for the user to enter a gear rate, as soon you hit enter it calculates the best fit with 1,2,3 and 4 pairs. It presents the results and waits for another rate. To end the program, simply close the window. This version of the program is limit to Meccano gear tooth counts. A second executable executes in the same manner but allows the more recent reproduction tooth counts as well. There programs were modified and compiled by Antoni Gual Via.

The program accepts some other commands instead of ratios:

The initial banned tooth count list is:

Other files available are:

I hope you find my program useful.

Pauli Dale